Wheel Reflection Essay

Dropping out of college was a huge change in my life, because I always Hough I knew exactly what career I would enjoy doing for the rest of my life. In the end, I soon learned that I wasn’t what thought it would be, resulting in me returning home. Soon after becoming discouraged, my mother discovered ITT-Tech Brigandine’s RAN Program. And after doing my own research about nursing and it diverse career opportunities, decided on what career I would enjoy pursuing. So, although, in the beginning, dropping out of college may not have seemed like the right decision, it had a positive effect on my life.

I received 20 transferable college credits and received some knowledge that will be very useful in my future nursing courses. Feel well prepared for school after learning the importance of education and studying while in college. I was exposed to a plethora of learning resources, and became very computer/ technology-sway. There is something new to learn in every aspect of technology, and expect to become very knowledgeable after taking this course. It may be difficult memorizing every technique, but it will be a great experience.