When abuse is directly responsible for nearly all

When people hear the word “drug” they usually think of
illegal substances such as marijuana, cocaine or heroin. A myriad of educated
citizens refuse to categorise alcohol as a drug primarily due to its
legalisation. I strongly urge governments to release a mandate restricting the
consumption of alcohol; prohibit the use of an illicit drug due to its
contribution to daily crime.


proven, 60% – 80% of rapes, murder and violence are committed under the
influence of alcohol and the fact that it is still legalised is ludicrous,
irrational and nonsensical. Just like felonious drugs, alcohol is profoundly perilous
as it is the fourth preventable cause of death in the US alone. Why do we
refuse to eliminate a crime that is preventable? If it results in such violence
of sexual and physical harassment, then why is it legalised?  Alcohol
is the greatest inhibitor of societal progress. The only reason alcohol is not
banned is due to business interest. Does this mean that we put more value into
money than we do for a human’s life? Or do we need to reassess what we priotise
as it is not our families being affected by the problems alcohol causes?

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Alcohol is behind more than half of all violent crimes committed in our
crime-ridden country. It is a major factor in preventing impoverished people
from prospering further in life. I don’t see how drinking alcohol and funding
crime is beneficial to our society. Alcohol abuse is directly responsible for
nearly all cases of domestic abuse and broken families. This obviously has a detrimental
effect on children as they are raised recklessly in an alcohol centered
environment – raised by a drug.  Children
with alcoholic parents are more likely to experience symptoms of depression and
anxiety. Children believe their thoughts are realistic, they usually assume
that they are the cause for their parents drinking. Parents even encouraged
this belief with remarks like “who wouldn’t drink with a family like this?” so
having bad thoughts, getting bad grades and behaving unacceptably occurs in children’s
minds due to their parents drinking. Emily is one of billions that has to face
living with imprudent addicts, she is frightened and drowned in her blankets, she
is forced to overhear the sounds of violent arguments between her parents in
the living room. Emily has trouble falling asleep as she is not fed properly, her
mother seems to have forgotten about her existence as she doesn’t even bother
to drive her to school anymore. As for her father, she is terrified of him so
she hides in her room every night. This is the case for 6 million children that
live with alcoholic parents.



There is no rational benefit to alcohol and we need to address its issues.
   Write bout E.g of alcohol abuse.


Although the School of Public Health at Harvard University found that
“moderate amounts of alcohol raises levels of high-density lipoprotein,
HDL, or ‘good’ cholesterol and higher HDL levels are associated with greater
protection against heart disease.