When beacon of achievement, because why not?! Let’s

When we think of India, being patriotic Indians, we usually think of the word incredible! Incredible India! Why not? After
all we gave the world the game of chess, the use of shampoo, the invention of the button, the number zero!
Yet being the cynics that our generation is supposed to be, we’ve decided to dissect the current a airs of our country just to
see where exactly our nation stands as this beacon of achievement, because why not?! Let’s put some things in perspective.

Having completed 69 years of Independence on the 15th of August 2016, we heard our esteemed Prime Minister address
some truly serious matters atop the Red Fort in his one hour long speech. His mention of Balochistan, Gilgit and POK on a
platform such as that, clearly further increased the ongoing spat and tensions between India and Pakistan. No Indian lead-
er has displayed this sort of direct approach towards this issue before, and though many individuals were in favour of his
comments, some believed that it was not the correct platform and the mention was made in order to divert attention from
the su ering of the Kashmiri’s. (Because issues in India just never stop! When solving one problem becomes too di cult
for the powers that be in our dear old government, we could just pick up another! After all mushkilon ki kami kahan hai!
Hamaari na hi ho, toh bhi uthaa lo!)

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On one end various Baloch activists and leaders such as Naela Qadri and Hammal Haider acknowledged PM Modi’s
support and used the opportunity to point out the atrocities of the Pakistan Government by exposing the kind of violation
and su ering that exists in the southwestern restive province. On the other side, certain individuals also believe that the
so- called warning given by the Prime Minister was but a measure to divert attention from the ongoing tragedy and unrest
in the Kashmir Valley. The tragedy that continues to worsen as curfew has been in place for more than fty days in the
wake of the violence that ensued after the killing of terrorist Burhan Wani last month. The Pulwama district is experiencing
heavy turmoil as people are continuously being shot and injured due to ongoing terrorist activities.

It is true that while the Balochistan Issue is not a small issue, nor a trivial one, we wonder why our various governments
seem to focus on the brutality outside of our own nation. In wake of all our recently elected governments, we see that the
problems faced by our own homeland seem to slide by unattended. And in the last two years while current PM sahib travels
the world establishing international relations, we see no di erence in the larger problems of the nation. Why not settle the
unrest in The Valley before moving on to conquer the world? But problems, women’s safety (arey theek ho hi jayega), dirty, pol-
luted India (Swachch Bharat Abhiyan chal toh raha hai), Poverty (Garibi hatao? Mar jaayenge to khud hee hat jaayegee!), our government
(past and present) seems to be handling all of them- or not.