When faster speed to market –a gut level

When I am at work of setting up my message for January
2018 issue of ‘Rubber India’, there are only a few days left for the year 2017
to come to an end. For you certainly the year-end is an extremely busy time. It’s
important to find balance where possible: the balance between taking time off
and the final push for the year; the balance between spending your time between
work and loved ones; the balance between rejoicing the wins and picking-up from
the challenges; the balance between finishing off tasks for 2017 and outlining
a game plan for 2018.  Organizations
around the globe develop strategic plans. To this end, some of my unassuming
proposals to you are –


·    Sharply focus on your business to get unmistakable results
in 2018.

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·    Revisit your exercises and outcomes in 2017, try and make
sense of the emerging configuration.

·    Ruminate the challenges. Every business and individual confronted
challenges in 2017, some more than others. Consider these troubles, gain from
botches and decide how you would do things differently to move forward. Face
your failures, if any, with a growth mindset and gain from them.

·    Sense of urgency, faster speed to market –a gut level
determination to act today.

·    Steadfast discipline: Besides commitment to accomplishing
key objectives, effective execution importantly implies having the discipline
necessary to achieve your goals and make sustainable behavioural improvement.


Be it transparency, monitoring, measurement and feedback,
obviously you know pretty well the distinctive pre-requisites of masterminding.  So enumeration is superfluous. I simply
encourage you that please don’t dither to urge us how best the Association could
stay by you as business facilitator.


2018, among other things, AIRIA would like to make representations to the
Ministry for rectification of duty inversion anomalies in respect of the rubber
sector.  Allegedly, higher import duty
on raw materials resulting in duty inversion anomalies facilitate rampant
import of finished products into the country at cheaper prices.  It badly affects the domestic business of our
indigenous manufacturers.  We need to
articulate specific cases fortified with solid data to convince the Ministry to
rectify the anomalous duty inversion structure. 
For this purpose, we solicit relevant data from you, such as –


·    Description of the value-added rubber products you
manufacture and market along with 8-digit HS Code Number,

·    Domestic market size of the product at current market
prices and your market share (%),

·    Import duty (basic customs duty – standard and
preferential, IGST and total duty) leviable on the product when imported into

·    List of the raw materials, components and consumables
(indigenous and imported) used by you in manufacturing your value-added
product  along with respective HS Code
Numbers (8-digit)

·    Unit value of the inputs at current market prices and
percentage (%) quantum of each of the inputs used by you for manufacturing per
unit of your finished product.

·    Import duty (basic customs duty – standard and
preferential, IGST and total duty) leviable on the inputs when imported into


fully depend on you for authenticated data, as above, to make out fool-proof
cases for rectification of anomalous inverted duty structure before long.


you and wishing you a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!