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When you think of working from home,it is normal to picture yourself walking around in pajamas and having long sleeping hours. The reality is however different if your objective is to achieve success. As flexible as it may seem, this is still a professional job and requires strict focus.Working from home is one desirable method to work but doing it effectively needs some thoughtfulness, discipline and planning. By creating a work space in your home, you are creating a space which enhances your productivity. You should not work from the couch or kitchen table; have a specific place designed for work. Equip the work space with furniture and office equipment that are useful. The space should be professional and comfortable such that by entering it, you feel you are getting down to serious business. . This space also acts as a professional setting for your work-related meetings with colleagues. Have a routine and goals. With set goals, you can be able to monitor your progress and stay on track. Begin work at the same time everyday, plan breaks and be strict about your closing time. Come up with a to-do list every evening so that you can have an outline of what you want to achieve the following day. Even when faced with interruptions, you can still come back to your list as long as you get done with what you wanted to accomplish that day.Since working from home means you are in control, you should develop a structure for yourself and take it seriously. It is important to break down your daily work activities hour by hour and day by day. With a clear calendar, you can meet deadlines and minimize stress. The problem is, once you are working at home you may not be able to put your time into effective use because leisure activities are within your reach. In order to work from home effectively and independently, one must master the skill of being in total control over his/her time. Be strict to friends, roommates and family members. When working from home, people assume that you can be available to chat, go for visits and shopping or help them out. People sometimes assume that if you are working from home, you do not have a proper job- do not allow their judgement to make you not take your work serious. By drawing a line between work and social life, you will work effectively and be able to cater to both your social and professional needs. Stay in touch with your colleagues or people of the same professional field as yo.and have regular meetings with them because they can be of great help. Although working from home means you and your colleagues are not in close quarters, remain connected with your team. A face time with them will make your work less abstract and you will feel more connected and productive.Although working from comes with many challenges and distractions are plenty ,it can be productive and rewarding as long as you stick to your purpose.