When mobile computing centers, helping us to manage

 When traveling,
international cellular data plans can be extremely expensive. Data plans in
developing countries are not affordable for a lot of people. With Kiss
Connectivity, users can use local data transfers between devices and avoid
expensive costs related to cellular data transfers


Mobile Device to Mobile

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In the last few years, mobile devices have become
mobile computing centers, helping us to manage everything in our daily lives
such as business and personal communications, entertainment, banking and
appointments. Kiss Connectivity allows for the quick and easy transfer of
information between mobile devices, including movies, photos, music, sales
presentations, and more. The Kiss Connectivity solution has significant
benefits for personal storage and data movement between devices such as
smartphones, tablets, laptops. The increasing bandwidth requirements of the
typical user have rendered existing data transfer mechanisms inadequate, and
there is a need to be able to transfer data quickly and easily. For example,
video, audio, or other data can be transmitted between two cellular phones by
simply holding the phones back-to-back against one another (as illustrated
below). With Kiss Connectivity using USB 3.0 even an entire movie can be
transmitted in just a few seconds. This method allows almost instantaneous
transfer of data with little battery usage.



Fig.2 Mobile to Mobile with Kiss

Mobile Device to Docking
Station and Peripherals

 A mobile device
with Kiss Connectivity can connect to a docking station enabled with Kiss Connectivity.
That docking station can connect the mobile device to a wide range of legacy
peripherals like monitors, storage devices, keyboard and mouse via data
transfer protocols such as USB, DisplayPort, and Ethernet. Transfers are made
between the mobile device and the docking station, and then routed to the
appropriate peripheral. Currently the most common way to connect a tablet
computer to a keyboard is through a metal connector or wireless connection.
Both of these transfer methods have limitations, namely form factor and data
rate. Kiss Connectivity allows data to be transferred between these devices
without the need for any type of metal or wireless connection. The data
transfer can be accomplished by simply placing the devices in close proximity
to one another. Tablet to Keyboard with Kiss Connectivity


 Mobile Device to 4K Display

Mobile and computing devices are getting lighter and
thinner, and at the same time displays are becoming increasingly larger and
with higher resolution. The best of both worlds is a mobile device which can
quickly and automatically connect to larger 4K displays. Kiss Connectivity lets
OEMs seamlessly and instantaneously connect their mobile devices to the newest
high resolution 4K displays. The consumer experience is both simple and
beautiful without unsightly metal connectors and the repetitive plugging /
unplugging that leads to breakage. Kiss Connectivity enables new user
experiences that are not only trouble-free but also have a modern clean look.