When of each other’s differences/values. While Walt

choosing a career, there will always be a tremendous amount of diversity
present within you work environment. After researching the internet, I came
across two companies that sparked my interest for when I become a Registered
Practical Nurse is; Disney Nurse and NASCAR Nurse. The first company, Disney Nurse
works alongside Global Diversity Practice, to develop their diversity policy. The
programme created was for employees as well as employers to understand the
legal and organizational factors when it comes to the topic of diversity. In addition,
Walt Disney stated their diversity policies goal of being, “It was
important to have credibility in relation to the subject matter to meet the
challenges diversity was beginning the business as well as reap the benefits.” (Global
Diversity Practice, 2017) When researching this company, I would love to work
for them,  due to their respect toward cultural
diversity, and allowing individuals to express their different traits. On the
contrary, the company Healthcare Homes Group has their own unique policy. Correspondingly,
Healthcare Homes Group has a similar outlook to Walt Disney when it comes to
diversity in the work place. This Healthcare company has a statement that
expresses an opinion of full support in diminishing diverse judgment; “Healthcare
Homes is committed to encouraging diversity and eliminating discrimination in
both its role as an employer and as a provider of services.” (Healthcare Home
Group, 2012-2018) This companies main goal is to ensure that each employee and
client is treated with fairness and respect, as well as continuously promoting
the encouragement of each other’s differences/values. While Walt Disney’s
policy is mimicking this same view, its goal is oriented around the thought of
cultural acceptance. Whereas, Healthcare Home Group focuses more on fairness
amongst all employees, employers, and clients. Overall, I believe that both of
these companies for Nursing have a similar outlook in each policy, but different
in their main focuses of diversity within their workplace.