When I Grow Up Essay

Kathleen Caudle ENC 1101 Narrative Essay Word Count: 691 When I Grow Up…….. When I was a little girl I always dreamed of how my life would be when I got older. I wanted to have school finished and be married by my early twenties, and after a few years of being married we would then start having children. My family and I would have a great life and share many wonderful memories. Well as great as I thought my plan was, God however, had different plans for me that he thought suited me better. My parents was divorced when I was one although I lived with my mom and could see my dad when I wanted I barely ever saw him.

It was me and my brother and sister in my mom’s house, and four brothers in my dad’s house. I barely knew my other brothers until I turned 16. My life wasn’t bad yes I had the whole child of divorce parents thing going on and I got put into a special group throughout school for “children like us“. I had everything I needed throughout my life; I never had to want for anything until my mom met my ex-step dad. When he came into the picture I lost pretty much everything and my life was miserable. I had decided then what I wanted when I grew up.

I set out to do everything I could to make sure what I wanted would happen. I made sure I did well in school up until my junior year. That’s when things went wrong. My mom got another divorce and met someone else. He was an alcoholic and she started drinking with him. That’s when I had to grow up and not think about what I wanted anymore. I had to worry about my little brother and sister and make sure they were taken care of. I would feed them, help with their homework and make sure they got to school, even if it caused me not to get my stuff done.

I would skip school just to make sure they was fed and on the bus. That went on for almost six months before my mom realized what was going on. When she finally realized what I had given up to make sure my siblings was taken care of, some of the drinking stopped. Not all of it but enough for her to become a mom again and take care of us like she’s suppose too. After that I got back on track and swear I would do all I can to make my dreams come true. My senior year I met my husband, we had planned on going to college together and getting married when I was 22.

But again our plans were changed. I was working on getting registered at IRSC after I graduated and I found out I was pregnant. I was 19 at the time, too young to really be a mom but I was determined to make sure my baby’s childhood wasn’t like mine. I waited on school until recently I started my classes back in the fall semester and now I’m almost finished with my A. S in Early Education. My daughter’s turning two in a week and my high school sweetheart and I got married back in March. My dream didn’t actually happen the way I wanted but there still happening.

I have my husband, my beautiful daughter, I’m almost finished with one degree in school and now I might be having another beautiful child. But I swear I will finish my schooling even if I have another child. So throughout all this I learned a valuable lesson. Just because we want something done one way don’t mean it’s going to happen that away. We have free will but that don’t me we get to entirely control everything. It’s all up to God if he wants you to have a child at 19 then you’re going to have one. Then if he does change our plans there not always so bad, I mean look at me I’m happy and still working towards my goals.