When boy from another class called me

When I was in elementary school in 4th grade, I used to be bullied. I was considered different the kids did not like the way I communicated. Now I’m in college, even though it was a long time ago, the scars from all those years of bullying is still there. I was a very quiet and shy kid, so I guess that made me an easy target.  And because I was from Haiti, it made it worse because kids called me banana boat. My classmate used to tease me because I talked with an accent. Whenever the teacher had called me to answer questions; the kids would start to laugh when I start talking, that made me feel self-conscience. I used to be scared to raising my hand to answer any question because I did not want anyone to mock the way I speak.  Two little girls used to bully me on the playground, and they used to make up song. She used to mimic the way I talk. I never told the teacher about the bullied. I felt if I did that would make it worse I have been called names and the other kids did not want me in their group. When it was recess time, I used to go hiddden somewhere, so the two girls could not find me. The two  girls would made the other classmate leave me out of any activities on the playground and made fun of me. One day I was walking to the bathroom another boy from another class called me Blackie, I did not understand what he meant. I asked my teacher she told me it means black. I was surprised he called me that because we were the same color. The girls who were my friend used to laugh when the other two girls made fun of me. It was one little boy that stand up for me. When I started to fight back the kids would start laughing. The more they laugh, the more I gotten angry. On Sunday evening I started getting depressed because I knew what I was going to face on the playground on Monday morning. One of the girls came up to me to ask me a question. When I started to answer the question, she began to laugh like I said something funny. I got mad and I ran away. Before school I would cry at home, because I did not want my classmate to see me cry. I used to beg my mother to send me back to Haiti, since the kids made my life a living hell. It was hard to concentrated in class. One day my mom caught me trying to talk different, she asked me why I was doing this for.  I told her the kids made fun of me when I talk. She said my accent was part of me, and I should not change it, everyone has an accent. She told me I speak with an accent and everyone understand me when I go out to take care business.   

The reason I got bullied in school is that I was born in Haiti. In the early 1980’s Blacks or White people did not like Haitian people. A lot of people from Haiti was coming to the United States legally and illegally. Images of shrunken Haitians arriving on boats off the coast of Florida also flooded in newspaper and television screens. The kids in my class were watching these photos. They used to call the Haitian people banana boat.   I came to this country I could not speak the language. When I started to speak the language, my accent was heavy; it was hard for the other kids to understand me. I feel the reason the two girls bullied me is that the teacher used to stay after school with me to help me with some of my homework. They might have felt that I was getting special treatment. I don’t think I was getting any special treatment from the teacher. The teacher was tutoring me because my mom asked her to help me with my English.   Problem-focused coping incorporates attempting to recognize the issue more obviously and to reflect possible arrangement. 

Appraisal is the procedure whereby introductory negative life occasions can be seen decidedly or much more contrarily. I wanted the bullied to stop because I was feeling powerless around the other classmates. The friends I had, I did not want to be their friends anymore. I thought they did not have my best entrance. They did not stop the other kids from teasing me. I end being friends with all the white kids because we did not have anything in common. For the black kids that had parents who are from West Indians I also stop being friends with them, the only thing we had in common was our skin color, and they couldn’t relate to me either.  I looked for friends who have the same background as me. We spoke the same language; they wouldn’t tease me since I talk with an accent. Even though some of them don’t talk with an accent their parents do., they won’t have any problem understand me when I talk to them.  I wanted to be accepted by my peers. I ask my mom to only talk to me in English. I watch Sesame Street PBS in the morning before I go to school. After school, I would watch cartoons, and I would practice what I hear. On Saturday I would ask my mom to take me to my cousin’s house so that she could teach me English.  As my English got better; I started talking more to my new friends, without feeling a shame of my accent.  When the other kids were teasing me, I stop running away. I tease them right back.

            Autonomy is the capacity to settle on decisions as indicated by one’s own through and through freedom. When I was in middle school, I decided not to let what happened to me in elementary school to happened to me again. The two girls I went to elementary school with made my life a living hell for the past two years. I understand I was not born in the United States I would always have an accent and I have learned to embrace my accent. When student teased me about my skin color or accent and fight back by teasing them back. As soon as the two girls start to tease me, I would not show them any type of fear; I would fight back by teasing them about their clothes.