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When men are oppressed it’s a tragedy,when women are oppressed it’s a tradition. Women have been facing oppression for so long that they have become accustomed to it. It is considered to be a social norm for women to be dominated by men. In literature, during the 19th century, women were often portrayed as submissives to men.  During this time period women were controlled by “superiors” like their husbands or fathers. ” The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman is an excellent example of literature that portrays the submissions of women toward men. ” The Yellow Wallpaper” is an accurate ,useful description of the process of a woman’s  descent into madness through oppression. Hysteria was the first mental disorder that was referenced to women. The symptoms of hysteria at the time were considered to be lack of sex, anxiety, suffocation,and tremors. Although there were many symptoms they were not limited to this list. Society immediately decided that if women that showed anyone of these symptoms  had hysteria with no real medical  evidence to back it up. Because the doctors were male during this time, women had no choice but to believe what they had to say. These women  then had a label,holding them back from their normal everyday lives. “.. Melampus spoke of the women’s madness as derived from their uterus being poisoned by venomous humors, due to a lack of orgasms and “uterine melancholy”   Thus arose the idea of a female madness related to the lack of a normal sexual life: Plato, in Timaeus, argues that the uterus is sad and unfortunate when it does not join with the male and does not give rise to a new birth, and Aristotle and Hippocrates were of the same opinion (Women and Hysteria In the history of  Mental Health  2)” Men assumed that women woman became crazy  due to the lack of sex, as time progressed this became the idea that many male scientist went along with. ” If a physician of high standing and one’s own husband ,assures friends and relatives that there i really nothing the matter with one but temporary nervous depression – a slight hysterical tendency-what is one to do ?” (Gillman 2)  If a doctor said that the misplacement of the uterus is what is making some women go mad, what choice does a woman have but to believe a man of  ”  high standing”. Women in the 19th century did not have a choice in anything, whatever the man said that is what the women had to do without questioning it. This comes from the superiority that many man feel toward women. ” The Yellow wallpaper ” is a tragic  story of a woman falling into hysteria. The narrator is confine in a house and is forced to do nothings because is recommended for her mental illness. Gilman  reveals to the reader’s how quickly it is for insanity takes hold on a person when it is misunderstood.  Isolating a  person from the rest of the world make matters worse. The unnamed narrator`s husband ,John, plays a major role in the process of the narrator going mad .” …he scoffs openly at any talk of things not to be felt and seen and  put down i figures…you see he doesn’t believe i am sick! (Gilman,1)”  John believes that his wife is not really sick because he couldn’t see the illness physically.As he is both her husband and a physician, johns`s word carries ultimate authority for the speaker. John considers his wife sickness to be  “a slight hysterical tendencies”, this indicates that it is not seen as a very important issue  and its taken lightly. It is also ironic because her illness is not “sligh” by any means. However through John `s condescending tone and authoritative attitude  he repressed the speaker. John`s character can then be read as a symbol for the patriarchal society of the time. This short story illustrates how the husband is the controlling figure in the marriage. The story exposes how the oppression put on  them by their husband leaves the women unfilled and unhappy with their lives.  ”  John says the very worst thing i can do is to think about my condition (Gilman 2)”The desire of the husband to control the relationship is expressing in the disallowment  of his wife to think on her own, rather he tell her what right  and wrong. ” But he said i wasn’t able to go,not able to stand  it after i got there… (Gilman 7)”  John does not allow his wife to seek any form companionship either through socializing or through writing.  ” The Yellow  Wallpaper” is an accurate description of the descent into madness because  just like the narrator, women in the 19th century were forced into submission. In the article  the writer states that ”  women were often not described as “patients” to be cured but rather as the “cause ” of a particular human disease, defined as amor heroicus or the madness of love, unfulfilled sexual desire (4)” Women were not acknowledged as human being. As a result of this men did not see any reason to treat women as an equal In conclusion,”The Yellow Wallpaper” is concerning the unfair and wrongful treatment of mental disorders.