When People Ask Me Essay

When people asked me what do you want to study when you finish school? My answer was: I don ‘t know. This was my answer for a long time, until realised, I always wanted to be an artist, and it has always been my dream since was a little boy to be the greatest artist and the greatest inventor the world could have.

Like Leonardo Da-Vinci was, like my father would want me to be, me, becoming what I really want to be. So I started to answer that question, want to study art and a very common reply was: If you want to be an artist you have to be very lucky.So started to think, is this true? Do I really have to be that lucky? Is Van Gogh considered one of the greatest painters of all times because of his luck?! Is Eminem now where he is, in his mansion, playing tennis on his own tennis court, or swimming in his pool just because Of luck? Even considering that he was poor and lived in a very humble house with his mother, is this luck? No!!! of course not. They are considered some of the greatest artists because of their talent, skill, imagination, knowledge and their hard work to be where hey are.The author Eric Thomas once said: When you want to succeed as badly as you want breath then you’ II succeed.

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And I want it! I want it so badly that will work as hard as I can to achieve my dreams; I want it so badly that will dedicate my entire life to succeed; I want it so badly that I will study art and I will do whatever it takes to be the man I want to be in my future. Because want it, because I owe it to my dad. He passed away 5 years ago.So will honour him by doing what he taught me best, to work hard, to build, to reate, to use my imagination to transform all the knowledge that I can have and be able to build something new. Because imagination, knowledge and hard work are the best weapons that we can have. In this world where There is no path, we live in a constantly changing maze, the future is a prediction that we create with our own imagination, our fears are not true, our past is in our memories, it is our knowledge and experience. And our present is the moment of decision, our decisions are the present.

We need our experience, our knowledge, to be able to imagine what could happen, nd our own imagination to think of new solutions for the problems that we have. Did you know that according to the national survey of strategic national arts alumni project or S. NAA. P of 201 1 in USA, 92% of more than 13,000 alumni of different art programs got a job? And that most of them find a job soon after graduating? Another survey asked: Do you believe it is possible for you to make a comfortable living as an artist? And guess what, most of the answers were yes, and when they asked: ‘Why? A very common opinion was hat if you work hard you could manage to live a good life, and this is like any other job, you have to work hard in order to have a comfortable life. If you give up is because you don ‘t want it.

If you have to study for a final the day after and you don ‘t know anything and you go to sleep is because you don’t want to pass, you want to sleep even more than you want to be successful. My dad grew up poor, he was kicked out of all the schools in San Juan, and he even had to carry a chair on the bus because one of the schools he attended idn’t have enough.He didn’t graduated from university, and yet before he died he founded his own travel agency and was really successful. My dad is the person that inspires me the most, and is an honour to be called his son. say this because we all have an opportunity; we can all succeed, and if you think that you prefer keep sleeping rather than keep working you will never succeed.

You have to become the person thatyou want to be and for that you have to change your attitude, none will do it for you, it is up to you, the time to decide is now.