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When I conducted my search on Improving sexual health in young women aged 16 to 25 years, initially I go through some current information about sexual health problems in general. I was looking on NHS websites like NHS Digital. After that I was looking for statistics on particular sexual health problems particularly for young women in Office of National Statistics. When I have figure out the sexual health problems I started to search for the three types of research.

I used the Open University library resources to search for journals. I created a question for each of the three pieces of evidence about what I wanted searching as this could keep me on track of what exactly I was searching for. It also helped me to specify suitable keywords and limited the results to my actual topic of search. I started by looking for journal articles because as they are considered the most appropriate source of information as they can be clearly defined and current  (Open University 2017). Another reason I searched journal articles was that of ground-breaking research. Because each and every database has distinctive features of search I familiarised myself with the database through the help screen and some guidance help.

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As soon as I grasped the search interface, I started working on the key terms I could search. For the qualitative research, I came with a question, how to improve sexual health in bisexual young women. I chose this topic because bisexual women are very much stigmatised, and their sexual health is not prioritised. The final keywords that got me a qualitative research was combining the words in a search criterion that included and. I yield a lot of results then I had to decide which limitations I could use in the advanced search. I decided to limit my search to 3 years back only. My choice of language was English. When I got a considerable number of-of results, I was looking for research in peer-reviewed journals because these articles are peer detailed evaluated prior to publication. Of the peer-viewed articles I evaluated them using  PROMPT. I think  my main problem was finding local peer viewed  journal information on bisexual young women