Whenever impacts your brainwave patterns and by

 Whenever you listen to the moderate rainfall. Your Brain follows these frequencies and impacts your brainwave patterns and by this, you feel so much relaxed. The sounds change your perspective.

 The Brain Evolution System utilizes this information to play exceptional frequencies into every ear achieving the perspectives related to improved brain functioning.

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So here is a video that shows you exactly how this how this technology works;






Levels of Brain Evolution System

Let’s get an insider’s view of it.


Level 1(Transcendence)

The first level of the Brain Evolution System is Transcendence.

The goal of this level is to help the brain that how to switch from one frequency to another frequency. In level 1 mp3 brain follows two frequencies alpha and theta.


The First level of Transcendence brings your brain in the mode of relaxation. The sound of the smooth running waterfall has the ability to make you relaxed and calm. These recordings clarify brainwave entrainment and concentrate on the best projects accessible. Only you have to do is promise yourself to use the first level each day for 30 minutes.



Here is a bit more information is taken from the user manual:  





All levels have variations of alpha, gamma, beta and theta frequencies. But Level one is pretty more of alpha and theta as compared to the other levels. For your brain it is easiest frequencies to entrain.


Listening to Level 1 running waterfall mp3 your brain acquainted with the state of relaxed and calm awareness. The meditative skills you acquired by transcendence level has the ability to release grief, boost your mood and let go depression.

                                                     . https://youtu.be/k53ot1YvZ4Q



Level 2 (Lucid Echoes system)

The Second level is known as Lucid Echoes System. It helps you to handle stressful situation and give you better focus.  It helps you to give you a quicker response to any problem with a better solution. The clarity of your thoughts and focus reach a new level.

The brain is exposed to,  two frequencies Delta and theta frequencies and also exposed to simulated disturbance for challenges to your brain to find calm and more relaxed state.

 In the sound of chilling winds, you’ll also hear the sound of clanging bells, birds chirping. In starting you felt physical strain while concentrating on these sounds. After some time these distracting sounds will be finished and you can easily focus on the soothing and clear sound. This level is being of uncovering imbalance that gets activated by simulation.

Just think – that’s only the second level of the Brain Evolution System!


Level 3(Infinity) 


Level 3 of Brain Evolution System is Infinity. In this level brain is exposed to higher Beta frequency along with Alpha and lower Theta frequency. As with Level 2, listeners of Infinity are going to find that a deep state of meditation is going to be difficult to achieve.


It’s a lower Frequencies Create Deeper Concentration Level and gives you deeper relief as more as subconscious comes to into conscious

You’re going to be more creative because your focus isn’t going to be separated between multiple thoughts that are racing through your head.

The ultimate goal of Infinity is to help your mind become more lucid in every state it happens to be in at any given moment.

This includes the restorative state of sleeping, as many people report that dreams they have become more vivid and memorable as they progress through Level 3 of the Brain Evolution System.

Because your mind is more lucid, you’ll also remember more, be able to think quickly on your feet, and experience the world in a completely different way. By Listening to this mp3 you’ll making your brain more focused and with great focus you can acquire great ability to cope up with any situation.




               Level 4 (Crystal Rain)

Next Level of Brain Evolution System is Crystal Rain. It is exposed to two frequencies Alpha and theta with some fluctuated frequencies that give you experience to find balance.

It gives you chances to take a new look at your consciousness, the inner you. The Level is entrainment toward finding conscious balance.

The unique feature of this audio is that it washes negative thoughts and components that stored in your brain.

In this Level, you hear raindrop sound with Alpha and Theta frequencies. This combo actually trains the brain the sense of the state of balance in the presence of stimulus of deep relaxation and activity-that’s why Crystal Rain is Level 4.


It will help you discover not a new person, but the potential you’ve always had.



Level 5(Neptune’s Cave)