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which he uses an inside shoulder-width stance shifts used to focus fromthe glutes to the quads. Julian usually does 4to 6 sets of a different range ofreps. Depending on him, He sometimes goes for heavyweights for lower reps, And sometimes goesfor light weights for higher reps, andsometimes mixing the higher and lower weights insame session. Julian’s squat exercise is not pieceof cake for everyone and most of the peoplewill not be able to do it easily, He does this because of the ankle mobility he has and will not beeasy for someone to do so with theirfeet together. But not so worry aboutit because It also took him years to get to the point on which he is and everyoneshould appreciate the struggle.

.. 2. Bodyweight SissySquat: This exercise is very helpful for the lower body. Julian says:”Just like the pull up, pushup, or dip, the sissysquat is a foundational bodyweight exercise that must be mastered if you want to max out your quad gains.” Q: Whyis this exercise so effective? A: The more your knee travels forward past yourtoes, the more directly you stress the quadriceps which helps your quads in being strong and takes the problems like glutes andhamstrings out. Julian says: “I alwaysgo to failure on these, as I would on most bodyweight exercises! I hit around 3 to 4sets but I mix up the tempo frequently, which drastically changes the amount ofreps I get per set. If I do just a basic up-down tempo I could go as high as50-plus reps per set.

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But I often do 10-second negatives, which would push medown closer to the 10 to 15 rep range.” 3. Leg Extension: The legextension exercise targets your quadriceps.

If this exercise is done correctly,it strengthens your quadriceps. Q: Can you build great quads without the leg extension?A: Absolutely. There are differentexercises also which helps us to build massive quads. (Julian prefers this exercise) Q: Can you maxout your quad development and achievethe level of muscularity and definition that Julian and other top bodybuildershave? A: Probably not. Julian claims that “If youwant to add size, you need to hit your compound, multi-joint moves like squatsand lunges. But if you want to add that sharp detail and crisp feathering, leg extensions are amust!” He (Julian) himself recommends 4 sets of 20 and sometimes 30 repson these. When he occasionally dips into the lower 8 to 12 reprange with heavier weights, he uses full contractionpauses or “quad squeezes” on every rep withhis knees fully extended to get the proper output.

    4. MachineSissy Squat: There are many fitness freaks but this one is quite remarkable.This amazing beast making exercise is Julian’s favoritequad-quaking one. This exercise is of advancedlevel and usually builders take years to reach here Q: How necessary thisworkout is?A: Julian quote this one”old school with a touch of new school,” because in this u advance to a higher leveland try to make it more higher. Standing on a benchor somewhere else allows your knees to go further than that of floor would otherwise. This move is surelythe best way to build the desired quads ifit’s done continuously and properly. Smith suggests3 to 4 sets with a very calm and controlled 3-4second going down your body in every rep