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While many believe that immigrants are beneficial to the US, there are others who disagree with this belief.  Those who oppose immigration believe that immigrants take jobs and effect the American economy negatively.  Howard W. Foster is the writer for the article Why More Immigration Is Bad for America. Foster states that the popular belief that immigrants are needed to fill low- wage jobs is false. He explains that “the wages and employment rates of such workers should be rising as employers tried desperately to retain a truck workers yet quantitative evidence for such a phenomenon doesn’t exist the only evidence of a labor shortage comes from the employers.”While this statement might be true, he does not use any real statistical evidence to prove this claim. Foster also disproves the popular belief that young workers are needed to help our aging American nation grow. He confirms this by stating that demographers have found that immigration actually only has a small impact on the problem and does not fully solve it.George W. Borjas is the author of the article Yes, Immigration Hurts American Workers. Borjas states that many Americans who agree with immigration do not understand how immigration truly works. He explains that “When the supply of workers goes up, the price that firms have to pay to hire workers goes down. Wage trends over the past half-century suggest that a 10 percent increase in the number of workers with a particular set of skills probably lowers the wage of that group by at least 3 percent. Even after the economy has fully adjusted, those skill groups that received the most immigrants will still offer lower pay relative to those that received fewer immigrants.” He also explains how how all Americans are negatively affected by the influx of immigrants. Because there are many immigrants who have few skills, it is low-skilled American workers, including many African Americans and Hispanics, who have suffered most from this wage dip. He uses statistical evidence to explain this statement: “The monetary loss is sizable. The typical high school dropout earns about $25,000 annually. According to census data, immigrants admitted in the past two decades lacking a high school diploma have increased the size of the low-skilled workforce by roughly 25 percent. As a result, the earnings of this particularly vulnerable group dropped by between $800 and $1,500 each year.”Although restricting immigration may seem like the right thing to do in order to help our nation and economy, immigration still plays a key role in America as it has done in the past. Immigration has brought a positive impact to the USA like boosting economic growth, and creating a more dynamic society. Even though there are several minor issues concerning immigration,  “the local and short term social cost of immigration do not detract from their role “as one of the primary sources of progress.”” Ultimately, welcoming immigrants into the United States is the correct choice.  One key aspect of immigration is addressed by The Huffington Post. Steven Cohen is the author for the article The Importance of Immigration. He explains that “as the world gets smaller and economic competition is based more and more on creativity and technological innovation, the place that attracts the world’s best minds will have a distinct advantage” He is stating that a country that has more immigrants has different perspective, opinions, and creative minds to accomplish great things. This gives the country open to immigration and different perspectives the advantage for technological or creative topics. Though many argue against illegal immigration and how they’re affecting our naritron and economy, “the act of deportation is an impractical and unjust response to this “obviously dysfunctional immigration process.””An article by the World Economic Forum affirms the correctness of this position. Ian Godlin, the author of the article How Immigration Has Changed the World – For the Better, explains that in the US, a third of documented immigrant are skilled meaning that “governments that are more open to immigration assist their countries businesses which become more agile, adaptive, and profitable in the war for talent.” He also disproves the popular belief that immigrants take jobs. “In the United States, immigrants have been founders of companies such as Google, Intel, PayPal, eBay, and Yahoo!” He further states that immigration has a positive effect to America’s economy. Research done at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco which  concluded that “immigrants expand the economy’s productive capacity by stimulating investment and promoting specialization, which produces efficiency gains and boosts income per worker”.Finally, another article by the Cato Institute further affirms the correctness of this position. The author of the article Immigrants Have Enriched American Culture and Enhanced Our Influence in the World, Daniel Griswold, states the positive effects immigration has had to the United States. He explains how immigrants have enriched American culture, enhanced America’s ability to trade, and improved the economy. A study done in 1997 by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) “concluded that immigration delivered a “significant positive gain” to the U.S. economy.” Griswold also disproved the popular believe that immigrants take jobs by stating that they “fill jobs that Americans cannot or will not fill.” He addresses the opposing side’s view about restricting immigration ,but in the right way. He states that “the government has failed to keep the wrong people out.” Terrorism in the United States can be stopped without having us to close our borders “or reduce the number of of hardworking, peaceful immigrants who settle here.”