White North, 14 degrees East, down to

White stands for peacefulness and innocence, because although we have a strong air force, we don’t want to meddle in other countries’ affairs. It was also chosen because it is the opposite if black, which stands for ethnic heritage and defeating one’s enemies, which is not our goal. We want diversity and equality. Blue stands for freedom, justice, peace, and prosperity. The square represents equality through its equal sides, and the music note is to display our country’s love of music, and to provide a defining characteristic.Country MapPhysical BoundariesOur border follows the Atlantic Ocean from 43 degrees North, 2 degrees West all the way to 54 degrees North, 14 degrees East. Our border goes around Denmark and is contained by the North Sea. Then it follows the Oder River, through Poland, around the city of Wroclaw, at 51 degrees North, 14 degrees East, down to the Carpathian Mountains. Then it follows the Danube River from 45 degrees North, 21 degrees East to the South, where the border is the Swiss Alps. In the Southwestern corner, the Pyrenees Mountains function as the border, which is also the same Spain-France border right now. It is at 42 degrees North, and near the Prime Meridian, give or take 3 degrees. CurrencyOur currency, named Arias for bills and cents for coins, utilizes 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, and 500 bills. Each bill has the number on the right side. Each bill also has a famous monument in our country on it. There are several securities measures, namely, the transparent flag, the serial number, and the designs around the edges which make it harder to counterfeit.Our coins are of 1, 10, 20, and 50 cent value. The numbers and designs are extrusive. The front has the numbers and strands of wheat. The back has turtles as a symbol of longevity, and the hope that our country will continue to exist. The balances portray the importance of equality in our society.Cultural Information PageSocial Norms, Taboos, Established TraditionsSocial Norms:Free gym membership is funded government to promote healthy living standards. The impact is longer lives, less obesity, and just healthier citizens in general.Greeting your peers shows that you respect their presence.A social norm, provided for by the government, is to trade in over 10-year-old cars for an electric car. People also ride bikes more than drive cars. The result is a more environmentally friendly way of transportation.Riding trains is more convenient and is thus a social norm. Also helps the environment.TaboosWalking into someone’s office without knocking is considered rude.Smoking is frowned upon because it destroys our healthy living conditions.Not looking into elder’s eyes when greeting them is disrespectful towards people who are older than you.Wearing shoes into somebody else’s house is disrespectful to them and their property.Drugs are also frowned upon because they destroy our healthy living conditions.Taboos and Social Norms We Want to KeepSocial NormsLate meals – Ariadorians usually eat dinner at 8-9 pm because they have a break in the middle of the day. Hence, eating lunch late causes delay for dinner.Public transportation – More convenient than carsTaking care of parents when they are old or unable to workTaboosAsking personal questions is going to continue being a taboo.Wasting food is going to continue being a taboo.Tardiness is still going to be a taboo.Taboos and Social Norms We Want to AbolishSocial NormsDrugs being a social norm should be abolishedDrinking at age 18 should stop being a social normPaying for water as a social norm should be abolishedTaboosAbortion will not be a taboo in our countryWhite chrysanthemums and white lilies can be be given as presents without symbolizing anything badPeople should not be offended when someone talk to them in another language — it is unfair to the others, especially considering how diverse our country is.Other InformationMain Language SpokenEnglishReligionAny, although the majority will probably be ChristianClothingTraditional Modern Clothing; comfortable and loose-fitting, like T-shirts, shorts, pants, sweaters. Formal occasions may call for suits or dresses.HolidaysNew Years – 1st JanuaryLabor Day – 2nd AprilNorth Ariador’s day – 9th MayMother’s Day – 25 MayFather’s Day – 25 JuneChristmas – December 25Respect for the elderly is important in North Ariador. (WeClipart)(See sources)Smoking and drugs are highly frowned upon in North Ariador, unless used for medical purposes. (Smoke Free Square)(See sources)Economic Policies PageEconomic system: North Ariador’s economic system- practices socialism because the government believes that people should need to work for benefits, yet necessities is a must in the country. Health-care, clean water and other necessities will be provided. (Hurst)(See sources)Domestic Economic and Taxation PoliciesThe PoliciesNorth Ariador will have laws that tax 40% of earnings of all employed people. Laws will be made stricter to prevent loopholes in laws major companies can use to evade taxes. Money gathered from taxes will be handled by a group of people to reduce corruption. Laws will be passed so as to make better conditions for prisoners. There will be no cruel punishments and well-behaved criminals will be able to live in houses in small plots of land out of North Ariador. Decisions of how the money will be spent will be voted by people in the government for the benefits of the public. A small Universal Basic income will also be implemented in our country.The ImpactsThis will provide increases in one’s freedom so as to not face too much worries when unemployed and will also better the distribution of wealth among the citizens. This will give the government money so it can give people with free education, free healthcare, free public transport and free clean water to every household. This will prevent overcrowding in prison cells. The punishment prisoners must face is only isolation, but even that punishment is rare. (Hurst)(See sources)National Economic and Taxation PoliciesPoliciesSome Free Trade policies should be implemented in my country. However, the government will have some control over the standards of products to ensure quality. Although our country has Free Trade policies, minimal Tariffs will still be implemented to prevent drops in prices. Anti-tax evading policies will be implemented to aid in the spreading of wealth in the country. This will also allow the government to have enough fundings for the advantage of all. When the board of directors of any major company vote (companies that can impact the economy or the citizens well being a lot) for a decision, a government representative will be sent and he/she must be given a vote.ImpactsThis would foster innovation allowing better products for consumers. Due to increased competition, prices of goods will decrease allowing the public more access to better quality products. This will prevent job loss as many domestic buyers will still have to buy products from domestic producers. This will prevent corruption in major companies, which may weaken our economic system or prevent the country from progressing forward.Description of socialism. (Boundless Business)(See sources)Comparison of socialism and capitalism(jest).(Isonogan, 2016)(See sources)Environmental Policies PageOur country believes in global warming. Our laws promote healthy living conditions. Laws will be made to decrease pollution. Laws include no littering and passing a test for industries(car, factory, etc.) so that their emissions do not exceed regulation. Optional supported actions include turning in recyclables for a little cash and that gas cars cars that are over 10 years old should be turned in for an electric car. This will not be free, but it will be just as cheap, or cheaper, than buying a new gas car. All these laws promote healthy living conditions for our citizens.Our country will have cleaner air. Our climate will not fluctuate. Less people will have lung cancer. Other countries will start to follow our ways as they will see results. Our death rate will drop. Recycling is a good way to conserve resources. Residents can deposit materials in the nearest recycling bin or return cans and other recyclables for a little spare cash. (“Socio-Environmental Responsibility”)(See sources)Driving electric cars is also a good way to help the environment. Gas cars can be turned in for electric cars after they are more than 10 years old. (“Electric Cars,” 2017)(See sources)Foreign Policy and National Defense PagePlansWe will be a peaceful country and not have to spend a lot of money and people towards our army. Money spent on the military will focus on technological advances in mainly defense-areas(like protecting against nuclear weapons, not making them). And it will also focus on a high-tech air force. We’ll also limit the number of refugees coming in. We will trade with other major countries for resources we don’t have. We also send air support for countries in need, but we won’t engage on ground. ImpactsWe will have more money allotted for other things like UBI, and hopefully we will not have many enemies. We will be stronger in the air. Less people from our country will die as well. Even though we don’t spend as much, we will still have a strong military because of technology. Limiting refugee entrance will also increase domestic safety.Threats to our country are terrorism, countries that are our enemies, and cyber warfare. We’ll have to carefully check people coming inside our country. We have to look for incoming enemy attacks. To combat cyber warfare, we have to upgrade and update our security defense system more. A Boeing C-17 Globemaster III aircraft. (Nato, 2015)(See sources)Cyber warfare is an important part of national defense and war. (International Committee of the Red Cross, 2014)(See sources)Constitution and Legal Code PageBasic Rules:Homicide shall not be tolerated. To kill a sentient human intentionally will result in drastic punishment.Any form of torture on ANY being shall not be tolerated, sentient or otherwise.Any form of assault, sexual or otherwise, shall not be tolerated.Slavery and bondage shall not be tolerated.Theft, especially in a socialist state, is discouraged and will result in moderate punishment.No fighting words or threats that result in the denigrating of a particular group shall be tolerated. Note that this is different from hate speech, which, although frowned upon, is tolerated.No manipulation that limits opportunity for any other group will be tolerated.No one shall be forced into situations that may result in physical or mental injury or loss of life against their will. Note: this includes drafting into the army.To disturb the peace with riotous behavior is discouraged and may result in moderate punishment.To act in selfish ways without regard for the community or the environment may result in punishment of of the court’s determination.Basic Rights:All citizens and residents shall have access to the following rights. Nobody is allowed to modify the following rights to serve their own purpose, or in any way limit these rights for other people.All residents and citizens shall have the right to free speech and free press, excluding fighting words and threats as determined by the court.All residents and citizens shall have the right to free religion, including no religion.All citizens shall have the right to a UBI.All residents and citizens shall have the right to a trial with a jury after committing an offense.All residents and citizens shall have the right to a speedy trial.All residents and citizens shall have the right to peaceful assembly.All residents and citizens shall have the right to freedom of movement within the country. All citizens shall have the right to freedom of movement into and out of the country as well.All citizens shall have the right to an education equivalent to that of a bachelor’s degree or higher.All citizens shall have the right to freedom and shall not in any way be forced to serve under someone against their will.How to enforce those rules: For every city and its surrounding region there shall be a court which will settle simple decisions. These members must 1: be elected by the people, and 2: be approved by the North Ariadorian council. Then the heads of these courts shall compose the province court. Finally, some of these justices will compose the North Ariadorian High Court, which will settle large national or international affairs. Each city court will have control over its corresponding police force and other responders. Depending on the offense, different people will enforce the laws, and there will be different punishments. For example, for a homicide, the rule-breaker will be detained, brought to court, and further questioned; punishment may range from a few years in prison to exile. On the other hand, for a theft, the rule-breaker will simply be questioned at their place of residence. Depending on the number of offenses, punishment may range from a stern talking-to, to a fine, to community service. Other punishments include: Citizenship revocation, lectures, and reform activities/housing.Migration PagePoliciesOur policies state that nobody can just enter our country. They must have documents and IDs to prove they are who they are. To become a citizen you must know at least one of our languages, live in our country for 8 years and have a degree. People who are trying to find economic opportunities, help their families may enter, but we can’t promise everyone can. People who have weapons, drugs, and other bad items will not be able to enter. Also people without documentations and IDs will not be allowed inside. ImpactsWe do this so people that dedicate their lives to do something good can become citizens. This will keep bad people out of our country. Like criminals, drug dealers, and smugglers won’t be able to enter. This will also improve our overall security. It will keep illegal immigrants from coming in, which they have no IDs and documents. This can help keeping terrorists out from coming in. Policies will have to be implemented to prevent domestic terrorism. (Hayward, 2017)(See sources)Immigration policies will have to be enacted to keep out toxic substances and harmful drugs. (Rosen, 2016)(See sources)Political Information PageOur country is a socialist country, in which all the people democratically own the means of production. We will have a democratic government, elected by the people, which will work to create equality and provide government services. Every company, city, village, province, etc. will have a form of “government” in which each person has a vote, thus supporting democracy. Thus, however, society as a whole owns the infrastructure and so it is still socialism. The presence of a national government and state governments are only to deal with national affairs, and even then, they are composed of elected representatives. (“What Is Socialism?”)(See sources)In addition to leaders in each separate means of production, each province will have elected leaders who will be incharge of internal affairs. Each decision made by them will have to be approved by the North Ariadorian High Council which comprises of a President, Vice President, Chief Justice of North Ariador, and the Ambassadors of North Ariador. Many of these decisions will usually be approved by the Ambassadors. We will also have a International Affairs Council which will deal with the Affairs overseas about trade and investments. President – JimmyVice President – AngeloHead of International Affairs – LeonWorkers collectively own means of production by electing representatives. (Dominowski, 2016)(See sources)Social Services PagePoliciesNorth Ariador, because it is a socialism, will provide extensive social services. We have benefits such as free schooling up to a bachelor’s degree for citizens and a high school degree for residents. We also have free healthcare for our people. Ideally, the following problems should never happen, because all citizens receive a UBI. However, if necessary, say for example if a resident or refugee falls into poverty, we can also give people in need shelters for them to stay in. They can also get meals there too. ImpactsThis will make it so we don’t have people in the streets begging for money. This will help those people who have low incomes. People will get free education and hopefully they can get a nice job. Then we can help them find jobs for people in the shelters. Provided meals will keep them from starving. All together, these services should provide for greater equality in our society.Food will be provided in schools. A UBI will be provided for food and other basic necessities as well.(The Pew Charitable Trusts, 2016)(See sources)Healthcare will be free in North Ariador. (Washington Hospitality Association, 2017)(See sources)Education PagePoliciesEducation is compulsory for everyone until 18 years old. Education is also free for all citizens until one completes his bachelor’s degree. Education will be free for residents who are not citizens until their high school degree.  From Grade 1 to Grade 10, students will learn Math, Social Studies, physical education, one of our national languages, and Science. Optional courses include another foreign language and a fine arts subject. From grade 11 to 12, students will have the choice of wanting to pursue further education in the math and science or the art field. One of our national languages will be a compulsory subject for all 12 years in order to prepare students for work after they graduate. After school activities is compulsory as well. If one decides to pursue further education, Government subsidies and scholarships will be given to accordingly to aid them. These scholarships and subsidies can be earned through merit, community service hours, and/or participation in group activities.ImpactsThis will provide everyone with basic knowledge of how to speak and write effectively. Our education system will allow people who do not earn as much to have access to schooling. After school activities are compulsory so that students can be provided with more skills other than just standardized testing. Overall we will have a very educated public, allowing us to be very advanced. This is especially important in things like environmental challenges and the military to let us stay safe and help the planet.In North Ariador, education is actually mandatory until 18. It is free for citizens until they complete their bachelor’s degree; for residents, it’s their high school degree. (Campaigns by You)(See sources)In North Ariador, money is not an issue for education, because education is a right and should not be taken away because of less money. (“Inside Higher Ed”)(See sources)MiscellaneousInteresting details: Vienna is referred to as the “old capital,” not because it used to be the capital of North Ariador, but because of its history of music and musicians. It is a popular tourist destination in and outside of the country.A popular tourist destination in North Ariador is Neuschwanstein Castle, in eastern Minas Gwilith. A fun fact is that Disneyland was actually based off of Neuschwanstein. The region includes a restaurant with a scenic view. (“Neuschwanstein – The Fairytale Castle”)(See sources)The most popular sport in North Ariador is soccer.Although a recent country, North Ariador and our sophisticated technology has already placed us in one of the top countries for space exploration. The government-sponsored NASO(North Ariadorian Space Operation) does most of the exploring, and have plans to explore Mars, Titan, and an asteroid called 3 Juno.30% of the land area of Vintierrador is composed of national forests.The most common language spoken in North Ariador is German. However, political affairs are most commonly in English. Because of this, North Ariador has three national languages – German, French, and English.Pictures:A scenic view of Neuschwanstein, a popular tourist destination. (“Neuschwanstein – The Fairytale Castle”)(See sources)A monument of Johann Strauss in Vienna, the old capital. (“Vienna, the City of Music.”)(See sources)A map of forests in Vinterriador and surrounding areas(previously France). Dark green is closed forest, while light green is open/fragmented forest. (Forestry in France, 2016)(See sources)Images of 3 Juno and information about it. (Darling, “3 Juno”)(See sources)