Who were done singing but the priest started

Who is this guy God?

A young girl named rose is a curious little girl who is about to make her communion. One day rose was going to school and a big field of soil and grass and started digging for worms but when she looked at her watch she was becoming late for school so she ran and made it on time for the yard line.
“God has forgiven your sin and when you receive the body of Christ on Saturday you will be filled with peace and harmony”
Rose put her hand up and replied: “My mother isn’t full of peace and harmony.”
The teacher looked at Rose in a very prestigious way and taught about what to say. “I’m sure she is….in her own way” sighed the teacher.
“let’s be grateful to God for the gift of this sacrament. ”
Rose interrupted again “Yes, rose.”
“But there is no god if so, where is he?”
The teacher replied, “God is everywhere who don’t know that?”
“can you prove that he exists?” “Jesus Christ almighty”. The 12 o’clock bell rang and she went to the field of soil to dig up more worms. She found 20 poor worms and put them carefully into a glass jar.
She ran home to her mother to show her the worms but then when she reached the porch of her house door she heard her teacher’s voice. She found this very unusual but was also very scared she knew it was about her but didn’t know what.
“things are difficult for her at the moment, but don’t worry,” said the mother
“I understand but her nonsense is disrupting the class.” She was so shocked and let go of her glass jar and it broke. The teacher and mother came rushing then the teacher left the house.
Rose was sad and wanted some alone time, so she went to a corner and read a book independently. Then her mother called for bedtime. When she woke up in the morning she was running late. When she reached there people already starting practising their communion by singing silent night but when she reached to class they were done singing but the priest started talking but Rose started complaining to the priest. “But you have to make your communion.”
“I’m an atheist” the priest was shocked in a pool of horror.

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“Athiest?, that’s rubbish Rose. “pffft, God now that’s rubbish.” Because there is no god” As the priest blessed himself.” May our divine creator forgive us”. “He didn’t create us either” rose said disgustedly.
“Have you not read your religious studies.” “Have YOU not read Charles Darwin?”
Now there’s a fella who makes sense. As the 12 o clock bell rang the teacher called rose’s mother so when she reached home her mother was talking to her.”Athiest, where did you learn that word from?, the satellite on the moon” I’m mortified- telling the priest you don’t believe in god.
“but I don’t !” Think of all the money you’ll make and your pretty dress.
Rose wasn’t listening to her mother but ignoring her and looking at a spider thinking about the evolution of spiders…. did they also come from apes? “your daddy’s little princess aren’t you?”
You’re making your communion and that’s that.” Then she took the Charles Darwin book and smashed the spider.
The next day was communion day, Saturday. So today they will practice.
The teacher gave out the sacramental bread to everyone and said “body of Christ” but when it reached Rose she closed her mouth and said “NO”
The teacher shouted, “Body of Christ, For Christ’s sake!”
“Rose your mother doesn’t deserve this now does she?” “Now open your mouth” so she had no choice and ate the bread.

Today is communion day
Rose’s mother dressed her beautifully in a fair white dress and a rose on her head representing her name to show her the importance. So she was supposed to go to the church but she instead took her shoes off and ran to the soil field but this time she dug up and put the rose her mother had given to her and a doll. “Here’s a pal for you his name is Jaws.” as she was putting back the soil on top. “oh! I got worms for you but the jar broke.” Rose sighed sadly “I’m fighting with mammy.” “I said my prayers so you get better.
Then her mother suddenly saw her realising that she would obviously go to her father’s grave.