Who Might She Be Essay

Who Might She Be            With the incessant technological advancement, it may be considered true that nothing is impossible. Gone are the days when a friend only lives in one’s memory the moment he or she steps out of the country. Today, the friend leaves on Monday morning and one can start seeing and talking to him on the eve of the same day. The improvements on computers and the innovations on internet connection make it easy. While one remains linked to an old friend, one can also get a new one through the same pieces of technology.

Social networking sites are rampant and are widely utilized especially by the youth.            It was through this kind of website that I met her. There are so many headshots and pseudonyms accompanied by teasers of personal profiles but hers caught my attention. She was a beautiful 21-year-old.

Her hair is a light black they almost seem brown. It used to reach the hook of her brassiere but now it is cut to this year’s fashionable length. It made her small face look plumper but not in a disproportioned way. She has almond-shaped brown eyes paired with a perfectly-shaped nose. The smile on her pink lips seems to tell of a mystery awaiting anyone who comes and tries to know her. As she was seated on the picture, there is no chance to tell her height but looking at her shoulders and the length of her arms, she seems to be pretty petite with a well-proportioned body.

She wore a pink halter-top and dark jeans on the headshot. It told little of her true taste in clothing for as I read her profile and checked the other pictures in her albums, I found that she was a girl who appreciates life as much as it should be appreciated.            She loves lavishing herself with all the gifts she can get her hands on. The way she stated that she loves having intellectual conversations only points that she is an intellectual herself, and the way she followed it up with the statement “and downplaying them with inane ones” tells that she knows when and how to have fun.            Her hobbies mostly involve activities like writing, reading and listening to different kinds of music. She loves reggae music, house, hip-hop, and rhythm and blues, pop. She also listens to alternative songs and new wave music.

She appreciates most types except heavy metal and grunge music. She seems to like the relaxing effect of music.            In people, she also likes most types. Working in an events organizing company involves a lot of people of various ilk. It may be said that she knows how to interact well with people. She may know how to handle and deal with them whether she likes them or not and whether they like her or not.

It also shows that she has a very creative mind and she uses it with all her skills in order to be successful. It also shows how much she loves her jobs. She loves the fact that it gives her the chance to earn money while doing what she does best, mingling.            From the photos in her album, it may be said that she exhausts herself in this favorite activity of hers. Although it also shows that it is not the only things she does that gives her both fun and pay. She also does modeling.

She likes sharing her good looks and dislikes those who dislike it despite its undeniable exquisiteness. She believes her love of herself is not any form of conceit. She says “I ain’t conceited, I’m just fly”.

            To conclude, this beautiful 21-year-old girl who knows how herself very well gives her the confidence to become who and what she is. It makes her irresistible for people especially those who do not know what to do with their lives. She is the kind of a person who directs her life in the pathway of fulfillment.

Whether it is personal, spiritual, or intellectual, it will make people stop and think of their own route, of how they see and handle things. This girl, she seems to know that everything she does leads to the one thing she very much desires. She seems to know that happiness needs working; and fulfillment means happiness in what one has worked on.Work Cited“Info.” 24 January 2009. Facebook.

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