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Who has power? Well, everyone’s life began with them having power. In fact, the meaning of nature of power is that all people were born with complete power over their lives, but tend to give it away to what/who they either trust or fear. Everyone started off having control over everything they could and could not do, but people give away their power to others. Those others can be trustworthy but can also be vicious. When people feel as if their life would be better in someone else’s hands (somebody trustworthy), they are willing to hand over their power. They also give up their power when they are afraid of what may happen to them or the people/ country they love if they don’t hand it over. Trust is a great way of gaining power. Promising an idea of love, recovery, or peace will allure and draw in many people with open arms. This is how Nelson Mandela gained his power and became the first black president of South Africa. Mandela began his leading due to South Africa’s government’s racist policies. He lead a peaceful and nonviolent protest to rid of the unfair behaviors. After making lots of appearances fighting for good, Mandela became president of South Africa (1994) and held his power because of his remarkable changes like fighting for human rights and enhancing the living standards of black people through education, housing, and economic development. Mandela retired in 1997-when he passed on the role to his dear friend (Thabo Mbeki)-but he will always be remembered as a trusting leader. Fear is, sadly, also a very efficient way of gaining power. When someone is threatened or afraid they will easily give in. Saddam Hussein used fear like this to get to the top. He became Iraq’s 5th president in 1979, after portraying himself to be a trustworthy savior who would bring greatness to Iraq. Eventually, Hussein used the military to Invade Iraq using murder, torture, and rape only to stay in complete control. The people of Iraq were devastated and felt too afraid to fight back, which is why Hussein was so successful in his power. Thankfully, in December of 2003 Hussein was found hiding in his hometown and was taken to a U.S. base. Shortly after he was executed for his murderous crimes. Finally, it is important to know that every person is born with power over themselves. Of course, it is possible to be born into a government or religion that controls your life decisions, but it is whether or not a person chooses to give up that power that makes the difference. What makes it seem like people are just puppets being controlled by everyone but themselves, is due to where/who/what they put their power in. Overall in history, the most powerful people are given their power when they use trust or fear as their strategy. They can be unfair and manipulative, but they are effective ways of becoming powerful. That is, after all, what matters to power-thirsty people.