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Why are rainforests important? The Amazon Rainforest is the world’s largest rainforest, home to nearly 10 million species. It is a unique feature that is well-known throughout the world. The rainforest is rich in natural resources and plays an important role in the wellbeing of our Earth. From regulating climate to creating medications for humans, rainforests are crucial to our survival. The rainforest provides a habitat for plants and animals. We can use these plants and animals to benefit our daily lives by making medications from the plants, using wood for tools and furniture, and the animals provide food for us. Twenty-five percent of our modern medicines came from rainforest plants and are used by lots of native tribes. Unfortunately, deforestation could cause us to lose these important cures. Without the Amazon Rainforest, the greenhouse effect would become a bigger problem and climate change would get even worse in the future. The Amazon Rainforest absorbs carbon dioxide which protects the atmosphere. When forests are burned, large amounts of carbon are released into the atmosphere. We need to take care of our rainforest to prevent the future problems.The Amazon rainforest benefits South America by bringing tourists. Lots of people are interested in exploring this natural wonder and would pay a lot of money for the experience. This money is not only important for the local economy, but it also helps educate people on the importance of maintaining the Amazon.In summary, the Amazon Rainforest, and rainforests all around the world, have lots of rare benefits that are found nowhere else. The large diversity of plants and animals is something that could be utilized for human beings. We need to take care of our rainforests because of all they have to offer. People should be educated about the rainforests so that we can preserve them. Not only are rainforests important for South American but the Amazon Rainforest impacts the entire world.