Why Cell Phones Essential Essay

Why Cell Phones Are Essential Cell phones have quickly become an integral part of our daily lives. In fact, to most people, they are absolutely essential. Cell phones can save us in emergencies, help us to stay in touch with friends and family, and we can use cell phones to help us be more efficient in our work lives.

Today’s cell phones are more advanced than ever. We can use them to send email messages, pictures, text messages, shoot video, play games, and even use some phones as walkie talkies. It’s no wonder that most people feel they could not live their lives without a cell phone and this has become true around the world.Most of the young people of today can not remember the days when we had to wait by the side of the road for someone to stop and assist us if we had car trouble or a flat tire. Or maybe we left our vehicle and walked, often for miles, to the nearest gas station or knocked on the door of the nearest house and nervously asked to use the occupant’s phone to call for help. Nowadays we just whip our our cell phone, make the call, and help arrives momentarily. Women, especially, feel more secure knowing they can call for help without leaving the safety of their cars.For all of us, knowing that we can use our cell phones to call for help can be very reassuring.

These days our lives are busier than ever before. We work and our kids go to school, and that’s just the beginning. After school, our kids have soccer practice, drama club, study groups, and any other of a number of extra curricular activities. Keeping up with our day to day activities in these times, could prove to be a logistics nightmare. How else would we be able to coordinate our schedules; keeping in constant contact with friends, families, and people at work; than through the use of cell phones.No matter what type of business we are in cell phones play a vital role in being able to be in touch, with customers and business partners. A colleague or customer can be instantly contacted though a cell phone, even if it’s only briefly, which is much better than hearing that we are away from the office. In case there is a critical problem, it can be communicated to us and a decision can be made, without our presence in the office.

This can be invaluable if we often travel between offices or to our customers.A cell phone can be a second source of contact in a business to business capacity, if our jobs keep us out the office for extended periods. Also, time can be used for business communication instead of just being wasted while arriving at our travel destinations. With a cell phone we can check and confirm details quickly or we can text a co-worker for a missed piece of information for an important meeting and no one will be the wiser. Today’s cell phones can even be used to manage our work email. The use of cell phones has grown very quickly. They are now a world wide phenomenon, without which we would probably find ourselves lost.

Most of us can probably remember life without cell phones but I’m willing to bet that we don’t miss those days too much. They make us feel safe, keep us in constant contact with each other, and help us to conduct our day to day business. This makes them pretty much a necessity rather than the luxury that they were a few years ago. Oh yeah, I failed to mention that cell phones also give us bragging rights. We like to show them off to our family and friends to see who has run out and purchased the coolest new phone-of-the-month that has the most features.