2. (v) Purchasing Data (vi) Product Identification and

2. Scope & Responsibility:

This procedure applies to all Quality Records generated by the Company, as stated below:

(i) Records of Management Review

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(ii) Records of Contract Review

(iii) Records of Design Review, if applicable.

(iv) Records of Approved Subcontractors

(v) Purchasing Data

(vi) Product Identification and Traceability Records

(vii) Process control Records

(viii) Inspection and Test Records

(ix) Records of Non-conformances and Corrective / Preventive Actions

(x) Customer complaints Records of Internal Audits

(xi) Training Records Calibration Records

It shall be the responsibility of the Managing Director to approve this procedure. It shall be the responsibility of the Engineering Manager (MR) to issue, update and maintain this procedure.

3. Definitions:

Quality Record – A document, which furnishes objective evidence of the activities performed or results achieved.

Traceability – The ability to trace the history, application or location of an item or activity or similar items or activities by means of a recorded identification.

4. Procedure:

Each Department / Section Head is responsible for ensuring that Quality Records Generated within his Department is identified in accordance with the Document Numbering Procedure.

Each Department / Section Head is responsible for indexing, filing, storing and maintenance of their related Quality Records so that they are readily retrievable and that deterioration or damage is minimized to prevent loss.

It is the responsibility of the person generating a document to ensure that they are legible, accurate, complete and identifiable, and that they are stored and maintained

Quality Records shall be retained for a minimum period of Two Years, unless otherwise agreed by the Managing Director.

No unauthorized personnel are allowed access to Quality Records.

Internal and External Auditors shall be given full access to review Quality Records. The request for such access shall be agreed / approved by the Engineering Manager. Where required by contract clients may require access.