Why Did “Gangnam Style” Became Popular? Essay

When I went to the Z-Bar which is a pub in Spearfish, I was so surprised that everybody was dancing like a horse with Korean music.

I was familiar with the music which titled “Gangnam Style” not the wacky dancing. How is it possible to listen a Korean music in U. S. somewhere? The next day, my roommate asked me to watch a music video of the “Gangnam Style” on YouTube. Surprisingly, the video has been viewed more than 530 million times on YouTube.

Nowadays, the “Gangnam Style” sanction has been spread out all over the world by debuting at number one on the Gaon Chart, the national record chart of South Korea.There are so many analyses about the reason why the song set the trend. Gangnam style is a Korean song that became popular because of globalization, as well as Psy’s unique dancing and Characteristics, and the Social satire of rich Koreans’ life First of all, globalization stimulates the “Gangnam Style” sensation all over the world. In the 21st century, each country’s culture gets influenced through cultural arts, especially music, through technology. It is easy to access other country’s culture via the internet website such as Youtube.Specifically, everybody could watch the video only by typing the song title on Youtube everywhere.

South Korea’s top economic official states, “The singer of the global smash hit “Gangnam Style” as an example of the kind of creativity and international competitiveness the country needs. ” I agree that the “Gangnam Style” has a ‘South Korea’s global brand’ to grab the attention of both his many international followers and his local fans. Nevertheless, the successful fact of Psy’s song is not only unique dancing, also characteristics of his personality.William Pesek observes in his article from the Bloomberg that “the tune is catchy and his crazed horse-riding dance is a show -stopper. ” He surely is right about the horse dancing it is one of the appealing facts to attract people into the song. In his music video, there is a unique performance which is a horse dancing in group of people repeatedly. Many people are fascinated with this dance regardless of age or sex even celebrities.

For example, the songs’s dance moves have been performed by several political and business leaders ncluding the British Prime Minister David Cameron and Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt from Wikipedia. Also, the video shows Psy’s funny characteristics as well. According to Pesek, Psy is the outlier who made it through hard work, humor and his own brand of talent.

I agree that his personality and charming comes out naturally in the music video. Even though he is not particularly “world-class singer, dance or stage presence”, he succeeded to be known and did “what no one had done before”(Lee, Pesek). Lastly, above all things is that Psy’s song went global because of social satire.A funny song usually doesn’t have a message, but Gangnam Style is different. It is funny and has a critical or satirical message. In his song, he is talking about people’s life style in Gangnam which is a fancy and a rich area in Korea. Basically, Pesek emphasizes that it “poke[s] fun at the crass materialism that has consumed a country that just 15 years ago was beset by economic turmoil.

” In other words, Peseck insists that “as more and more South Koreans strive for the Gangnam lifestyle. ” By focusing on the satire, I agree with his opinion that Psy’s song implies a “subversive message about class and wealth”.I believe that people have a strong desire to live in Gangnam area.

Everything is concentrated in the Gangnam which consists of business centers, famous private schools, shopping centers, private institutions, and hospitals in Korea. People who live in Gangnam can take advantages just by living there and are differentiated from people who don’t live in Gangnam. In Gangnam Style, he describe and show off the wealthy life in Gangnam. Psy’s song might mock Gangnam lifestyle unawarely. In other words, The video shows a rich Gangnam life as symbol through which Psy wants to reveal subversive truths.In conclusion, the Korean song, Gangnam style became popular, while the music video of Gangnam style got attention internationally. There are three reasons why it spread out quickly and widely.

People easily can approach to watch the Gangnam style video and listen to the music anytime and anywhere because of globalization. In addition, people get interested in a special horse dancing which is a Psy’s icon, as well as his funny characteristics. Lastly, the song’s appeal is the social satire by symboling the Gangnam as a rich area.

So, the song shows us that people are eager to enjoy and follow a rich life style.