Why do I not matter? Essay

The Outcome of Proposition 8

          November 4th, 2008 an unforgettable historical time many of us shall not forget. Proposition 8 was passed which eliminates the right of same sex couples to marry in the state of California.  Equality under the law is a fundamental freedom. Gay, Straight, Lesbian, White, Asian, or Black; why take away the freedom, fairness and equality that we all deserve. Trying to preserve the rights of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) community diminishes what our constitution stands for, as it is not fair to subject a group of individuals the right to marriage because the views of others may not agree.

          People refer to the bible as a place to accept the scriptures and passages that gay marriage is a sin. But reading the scriptures does not state any such fact. Although the bible does identify being gay as a sin, more facts about a man being with a woman is more so represented. If the decision to take away gay marriage was heavily influenced by the bible then why is it okay for a human to murder a gay person because of their choice of lifestyle. Isn’t that a crime in itself? Isn’t hurting thy neighbor a sin? Doesn’t the word of God condemn those who kill as a sin and immoral act? Loving and accepting who thy neighbor is, is preached not the killing of ignorance taken upon one self.

The bible not only countesses homosexuality and killing, but divorce as well. If a man and woman is the “right” way of being together, why shall they have the opportunity to break apart from each other. Where is the equality in that a man and woman can legally break their sacred vows towards one another yet a same sex couple can’t have the right to marry. Austin Cline (November 2008) from about.com says, Religious conservatives are fierce defenders of the idea that gay marriage must be absolutely prohibited to “save” traditional marriage. They even argue that anything remotely resembling marriage, like civil unions, must be banned as well. If we ignore how most of this position is tied inextricably to religious ideology, and focus solely on the claim that traditional marriage is in danger, what do we find? Inconsistency and hypocrisy.

           Not only has proposition 8 been referred to the bible, but is also involving the Unified school districts. California Education Code section 51933 dictates that any school district that provides comprehensive sexual health education must teach “respect for marriage and committed relationships”; that the instruction “shall be appropriate for use with pupils of all… sexual orientations”; and that the instruction “may not reflect or promote bias against any person on the basis of any category protected by Section 220” (which includes sexual orientation). Because parents will not be receiving prior information on when their child(s) will be learning on “respect for marriages”, a high concern on this is being passed around. It is still about equality and the respect for others yet parents feel as if their child is being driven into the wrong direction.

         After the voting loss many families, friends, and supporters were disappointed. On that day in November the human race turned on its constitution and turned this battle into segregation. President Barack Obama said during an MTV interview with young viewers that “I’ve stated my opposition to this. I think [Prop 8 is] unnecessary. I believe marriage is between a man and a woman. I am not in favor of gay marriage. But when you start playing around with constitutions, just to prohibit somebody who cares about another person, it just seems to me that’s not what America’s about. Usually, our constitutions expand liberties, they don’t contract them.” Senator John McCain also opposes same-sex marriage, but unlike Mr. Obama, his position is influenced by generational and cultural experiences rather than a religious conviction as said by MTV Media (2008). The LGBT community although has not given up. Meetings, rallies, and organizations still come together in grouping to re-appeal the proposition and turn over what was once fairness back to its natural state. Yelpers are identified as proud supporters and are out to spread the outreach of re-appealing the proposition. Actors and Actresses, such as Jack Black, are putting together shows of comedy, drama, and suspense into educating the public in their support for proposition 8. Jack Black helped create “Prop 8, The Musical” with some big names in the business to help spread that support. Children of straight families understand the situation better than any older adult can, and find no reason as to why such a hatred act can be put upon its human kind.

          It is ridiculous to battle against each other when all we want are the same things Freedom, Equality, & Fairness. We are all brothers and sisters in this small world living the same lives as our fellow neighbor. Yes, the bible says this and that, but put it under a microscope to dissect it and we’ve all committed sins against each other already. If our sins are to be forgiven upon forgiveness we are still living up to the bible. Equality is the main key point here which is what the LGBT community is asking. The right to marry a loved one. In the end we are only hurting each other by condemning our fellow neighbors rights.