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Why Electric Cars Are Better Than Gas CarsBy: Kyle LanThe world is being more and more polluted with gas consuming cars!  I think electric-powered cars will help the world become a better place, but most people still have gas powered cars.  I hope that after reading my editorial, you will decide to buy an electric car.                                        Why Electric?First of all, gas-powered cars burn gas which will pollute the air.  This will cause global warming, which will make sea levels rise, more storms to occur, and many animals will become extinct, like the polar bear.  Electric cars do not burn gas, and that will help stop global warming.Another reason is that electric cars are much quieter.  Some people live beside main roads and highways, but if you buy an electric car, you will not annoy those people.  It will also be a quiet and peaceful ride inside the car.You don’t need to go to gas stations all the time.  You can install a charger at home, and can charge your car overnight.  Then in the morning you just unplug it and you can drive wherever you need to go.Lastly, the gas burned in cars is not only bad for animals, but it is also bad for us.  Air pollution can cause asthma, cancer, heart disease, and even brain damage!  Most air pollution is caused from the burning of fossil fuels in our cars, so if you buy an electric car, you will be helping yourself, family, and friends to have a healthier life.                                          What To BuyOne of the most well known brand for electric cars is Tesla.  You can buy the Tesla model S, E, 3, and more will come out soon.  There are other types of electric cars too, such as the Volkswagen Golf Electric, BMW i3, Nissan LEAF, Chevrolet Volt, and the Kia Soul EV.  There are many more types, but those are the best ones.  I think you should buy an electric car because it will help the world be less polluted.