Why History Is Important (Sophmore English) Essay

History could be anything from remembering getting your braces off to learning about a relative of yours that died generations ago. If there was a book that everyone should read, I would say that it is a book that covers the history of the world. If I were to choose a book specifically, it would be Visual History of the World, foreword by Douglas G. Brinkley, a famed author and professor of history. History is important to study because of what it has to teach us, considering the fact that it is anything that has ever happened on this planet.History is the study of all past human events. This is why history is an imperative part of education; it contains every other subject. History teaches us many things.

Researching history can help us to understand the reasons why things happen the way that they do. We can become more aware of the world that we live in by learning about our roots. History can inform us about other cultures and help us become more intelligent about everything we need.By reading history, you are diving into a past world of our ancestors that is the reason you are alive today. Learning about history can also teach you about values and imperative life skills that will be utilized for the rest of your life. An example would be reading about Napoleon’s battles in Russia; his troops suffered multiple failures because of Napoleon’s defective logistics, poor discipline, and carelessness to prepare for the different living conditions his soldiers would have faced.

We can learn from this that you can expect a lack of success without having properly prepared for what lays ahead. The only way we can understand who we are and how we have attained our current positions in life is by studying the past, and the best way that we can understand others is by studying their past. It is indispensable for us to understand the happenings of the past in order for us to learn from them and better influence our decisions in the future.An education in history can help to improve the future. History is fundamental to understanding why changes occur in politics and society today. History reveals how successful and unsuccessful societies have functioned, and allow us to learn from others mistakes.

As our 43rd president states, “Ignorance of American history and civics weakens our sense of citizenship. ” But it isn’t only American history that can teach us about the future; the history of the world has proved to in some form repeat itself.By learning about the past, we are educating ourselves to prevent future afflictions as well as teaching ourselves how to become more decent human beings. Some people may argue that learning about history is learning about events and people from the past, which does not apply to the present. They may argue that people should be more worried about the future, rather than worrying about the past. But as stated by William Lund: “We study the past to understand the present; we understand the present to guide the future. History has proved to repeat itself (you can compare the two Roman tribune brothers Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus to that of John and Robert Kennedy) and the only way that we can have some knowledge of what the future has in store is to be knowledgeable about the past.

By studying the patterns and ways of those who have lived before us, we can enlighten ourselves as to what impact our choices will have on the future. Not only is history important in education, but it is everywhere around us. Learning about history can teach you things that you never knew about your own cultures as well as many others.Civilizations of the past have very much to teach those who are willing to learn. By reading history, you are becoming more aware of the world that you live in. An education in history will aid to creating a better future by adding to our society knowledge of how and why things work the way that they do. This is why if I were to say if there was a book that I believed everyone should read, it would be a book about the history of the world.

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