Why I Chose AP European History Class Essay

Why I Chose AP European History Grace Oetting Charleston High School One reason why I chose AP European History class is because I wanted to bring myself to a higher learning level. I have heard from other students that this is not an easy class to pass. My goal is to remain focused, do all the homework, and keep my grade at an A all year. I also like the fact that AP is a year-long course verses Modern European History which is only one semester. I think that spending a whole year on one subject will be interesting, and we will dig farther nto the subject then we would in Modern European History. I was interested in this class when I found out it is a college course. It may not be as hard as college, but I like the idea of taking advanced courses to prepare myself for college. The harder the class, the more you learn. Advanced Placement classes usually go into deeper description of the subject and also the class moves at a faster past. This is what I hope AP European History is like this year. Being in a history class that is focused on Europe instead of America is ifferent then what I’m used to, which is probably why this class seemed so interesting to me. I want to travel to Europe one day, so knowing it’s history is a step in the right direction. I plan to learn a lot in this class and use it a lot too. We were required to take either this class or Modern European History, and this class sounded like more fun, and a bigger challenge which is what I look for in classes. I am excited to have something different in my schedule besides the basic classes like Math or English. This should be a great year.

I’m hoping we talk about the Renaissance in this class. I’m fond of that time period, and I would love to learn more about it. I expect this class will have lots of fun things to talk about. I feel like we will never run out of interesting discussions and arguments. I’m looking forward to researching Europe and their culture from different time periods. I thought it would be fun to compare Europe’s lifestyle to ours in America. Even talking about Europe’s religion and royalty is intriguing. I feel like AP European History will stir lots of arguments and debates hich I am excited to take part in. I hope we really get into it and have fun with different projects and power points. I already like this class more then my History classes last year because the teacher had an interesting power point for the rules instead of a regular handout. This made it easier to pay attention and added something different to the class. In conclusion, I took AP European History to challenge my skill level and learn new things that I might not have learned in other history classes such as Modern European History.

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