Why I Chose the FNP Program Essay

Today, there is a huge demand for nurses nationally and in other countries as well. This is due to the fact that most nurses serving today are reaching retirement age and the increasing demand for an inpatient nurse practitioner. Indeed, in the United States alone, there are 88,000 nurse practitioners. These nurse practitioners are people who are committed to helping underserved people in various settings of health care (Samuel Merritt College, 2007).

My reason for enrolling under the Family Nursing Program, or FNP, although related, is a bit different, though. I am originally from India and in my country the family is considered very important. Married sons live with their parents and take care of them, even when they already have a family of their own. People may think that that’s a bit problematic especially if the families don’t get along well together. But actually, this type of setting, although with disadvantages, has worked more often that not, making for a strong family support system.

The family is very important and will always be a major factor affecting every individual. Thus, the health of its members is very important too. In relation to that, I really want to help families watch their health, especially those from rural areas. If I became a family nurse practitioner I would be qualified to do that. I can give the families assessment, guidance and counsel on their health.

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Also, as an individual, I want to set practical career goals and accomplish them. When I was a freshman in college, setting practical goals helped me. Being able to accomplish them made me more confident in my abilities and in turn increased my productivity as a student. Now, I want to study hard to become a family nurse practitioner. If I become one, I would be doing a job I love and I would be helping countless families of different orientation maintain their health. I might even help change society in a small way because I believe that a happy, contented, productive individual is a product of a family that is healthy in all aspects.


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