Why Marijuana Should Not be Legal

    Marijuana should not belegalized in Illinois, and for good reason. Weed has many bad effects onpeople. There are physical, mental, and emotional effects.  While some people may say that weed is notharmful I feel like I can effectively contradict this statement.     One major thing that peoplesay is that marijuana isn’t killing people. While the drug may not kill thesmoker, it can cause them to kill others. There was an incident in Aurora,Colorado, a guy by the name of James Eagan Holmes Shot up a Cinema 16 movietheater.

In his statement, he said he believed that ‘he was the Joker’ soshooting the room playing The Dark Knight Rises made sense to him. Not only didshe shoot up the theater he also let off a tear-gas bomb in that room. Holmeswas drug tested soon after, and as a result, he had a high level of THC. Acommon chemical compound found in marijuana. The drug THC is commonly linked tohallucinations and delusions because it plays with the psychoactive part ofyour brain. Holmes was clearly delusional in the fact of him thinking that hewas the Joker.

He clearly was not. In that incident, 12 people were killed and70 were wounded 58 in which were of gun wounds, 4 of tear gas wounds, and 8just trying to escape alone. While this is just one case, it still is asignificant one.    What about medicalmarijuana? Well, what about it? Medical marijuana is different strand comparedto regular marijuana.

The medical marijuana strand has a slim to none amount ofthe chemical compound of THC and a high amount of the medical compound of CBD.The compound of CBD does not affect any part of the psychoactive parts of thebrain. I used to use medical marijuana for my bouts of epilepsy and anxiety.The CBD in the marijuana I used merely helped balance out the chemicalimbalances in my brain, along with the nerve spasms in my brain. So, medicalmarijuana has no part in this battle with legalizing weed, and for the peoplewho say that they need marijuana to help with anxiety, depression, and othermental disabilities.

Try to get medical marijuana, it actually helps.     I still believe thatmarijuana should not be legal in Illinois. It has too many effects on thebrain. If you actually need it try to get medical. Do not use disability as an excuse.