Why Marriages End in Divorce Essay

Marriage is the legal courtship of two people who love each other enough to spend the rest of their lives together. In some cases, the thought of spending this much time with each other works out, but recently there is a drop in the number of couples who stay married and those who get divorces.

In 2012, the divorce rate in the United States was 46% according to the Feldstein Family Law Group. There are many reasons why people get divorced, but I believe that the top five reasons for divorce in America is infidelity, lack of communication, domestic violence, boredom, and financial issues.In my opinion, these are some of the main causes of divorce, because I have seen these particular factors separate a family. I agree with the statement made by Penny Dablin “Divorce is seen as an ‘easy’ answer” (Article Source: http://EzineArticles. com/337951I).

this is true because people who are in an unhappy marriage do not always think long and hard about wether or not divorce is necessary. I think that if people looked at their relationships as a more serious matter, they would work out their issues and ultimately divorce in some cases can be avoided.One of the first reasons for divorce is due to infidelity. When you marry someone, you make the vow to stay true to that person, you make this promise to them to be faithful. If you have problems with being faithful, you should rethink if you really want to get married, when you get married, all temptation of being with other people should be out of your mind.

Even though infidelity should not be tolerated, you can work through it. I have seen couples work through infidelity even though it is hard. When asked why they stayed together, it was because of their children.I think this family did the right thing by staying together so their child could have a better life. They are still together fifteen years later. Lack of communication is another problem that leads couples to divorce. If something is wrong, tell your partner.

Do not keep it inside of you. This will cause pressure for both you and your spouce. Sit down and talk your issues out. If this happens, you can eliminate getting a divorce. I have had personal struggles with communication, and it really is simple to fix when you sit down and talk it out. Domestic violence is a very serious issue.Physical and mental abuse in a relationship is very unhealthy.

If you are in a relationship with someone who abuses you, get out immediately, and if you marry someone who starts the abuse after you marry, divorce is necessary. This is a very unhealthy environment for both you and your child. If you live in an abusive household I think the best thing for the child in the situation is to be exposed to this as little as possible.

Boredom in a marriage is common to those who have been married for a while, but can also be seen in shorter marriages.I think the main cause for boredom in a marriage is lack of communication. If you don’t really put any effort into talking with your partner, things will fall apart. There are always ways to spice up a marriage. Try everything imaginable to get the romance back on. If there are no sparks after that, maybe the true love has been lost. I do not think boredom over a marriage is a big enough issue to get a divorce over.

Stress can end a marriage quick, especially financial stress. Financial stress has gotten to the best of us at some point in time. My parents have since they sent me to college.