Why people should join Cross Country Essay

In one’s life we’re only given four years of high school and I feel that running cross- country should be a part of those years. One of the many benefits you get from cross-country is having a healthy body. We are all aware that cross- country is a sport where you run a k race in open-air on natural terrain from grass to mud, and anything in between. Mr.. Johnson, the coach, does a great job at planning our workouts from the first day of practice to the very last, which will help you be the best that you can be.

And that leads me to talking about how it benefits you physically. We have a vast variety of workouts that include, speed, endurance, strength and everybody favorite; recovery day. Cross-country is a very intense sport because it pushes you to your limits but I believe that it’s worth it at the end. After your season is over, you realize that you have lost weight and gained muscle, your legs aren’t as weak as they were at the beginning of the season and you feel stronger. Running also helps you decrease the risk of diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure and osteoarthritis.

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Majorities of people that participate in the sport, even run in he off-season so it is still beneficial. Believe that because they enjoy the after feeling running brings and also all the benefits. Many people don’t like pushing themselves physically, but personally used to be a couch potato and can say that you won’t regret joining the sport. Cross-country doesn’t just improve your health, but it also gives you a family. Our coaches and teammates do a really good job at making everyone feel comfortable and safe on the team.

This sport isn’t like volleyball or football, it is completely drama free, and extremely supportive with its electrifying atmosphere. For people that don’t participate in cross-country is seems as though it’s a very independent sport, but you’ll quickly see that isn’t the case. We all depend on one another to come through and do our very best in order to have a chance for success. Many people are frightened by that because they’ve always had that voice in the back Of their head telling them “what if I can’t. But that’s why you have your cross-country family, we are here to support one another and encourage you, and let you know that you can do anything you set your mind to. Those very same teammates turn into friendships that last. I can personally pledge to that being true, in my case, Brenna Church has become a very close friend of mine, and I truly believe that if it wasn’t for cross-country we wouldn’t be as close as we are. Don’t be scared of getting out of your comfort zone and meeting new people. Cross-country has some of the most amazing individuals that you will ever come across.

There are also other things that you will gain during cross-country that will benefit you far more than others. You learn how to be a winner, because after all high school and its sports don’t last forever. You realize that in that sport oh have to have goals, be willing to work hard, be patient, persistent, focused, dedicated, and lastly sacrifice other things for your meets on the weekend. You realize that all those factors over time, equal improvement and success. Which is the same formula for success in the real world.

That when laying everything down on the line and going with it, that it’ll setup up for greatness. Life is easier when you have been a student-athlete because you learn how to balance school, homework, friends and your sport all at Once. Stick to it and it will lead you down the avenue of a winner. It is statistically proven that many teens lack self-confidence throughout high school, and sometimes it tends to carry on with them beyond that. Confidence; its one of the many things that you will gain when being a part of the GHZ Cross Country team.

In the sport there is a massive amount of competition the rough opponents, but the greatest form of competition that you’ll have is with yourself. You’re constantly trying to beauteous fastest time, and with our coaches there you are guaranteed to. You get a great sense of self-confidence and accomplishment when you beat your personal best and it sakes you proud to brag about it to your teammates and coaches. Running has also been proven to help relieve stress. That after just two minutes Of running your body releases a chemical called “endorphin” that instantly improves your mood within seconds.

We have all ran at least ten minutes in our life and you can’t deny that after laying on the floor for what feels like an hour, and having your heart rate slow down, you feel very content and happy with yourself. On the other hand though, I am aware that many people don’t join cross- country because they say that it’s agonizing or that they aren’t capable of inning three miles straight or even just finishing a race. But I am one of the many participants here to testify against that and that you can indeed do it.

You can be the biggest couch potato that has never ran more than half a mile, but by post-season you will be able to. After all, our coach does a very good job at planning the workouts that will help us reach our peaking-point. Cross- country might seem like you have to be physically strong, but the key to successes in the sport is being mentally strong, so it’s only agonizing if you’re constantly doubting yourself. You have to believe and tell yourself that you can run up the steep hill for the 3rd time and tell yourself that you will run against the wind.

Now don’t be frighten by that, instead be up for the challenge because by the end of season you will be mentally stronger. Which if I may add is also another benefit that you inherit from the sport. There aren’t any cons to cross-county, and you can easily figure that out if you come out and join the team. Cross-country gives back many positive things, a healthy body, the fundamentals for becoming a winner, a family and confidence. We are all ware that any form of exercise will improve health and what better way of doing so, then while being a part of an amazing team.