Why Romeo and Juliet a Tragedy Essay

Romeo and Juliet is a tragic love story.

There are many reasons why it is a tragedy. The tragic ending of the story could be avoided if people reacted to others appropriately and thoughtfully. If the Montague and the Capulet were not enemies, the incidents, banishment of Romeo and deaths of five young people can be prevented. The characters in this play were all impetuous. Their emotions cloud logic. For example, the main character, Romeo in the beginning of this play, was in love with Roselyn who did not give any response to his love.Then he was so upset that he was a ghost under instruction to haunt. This shows he was an emotional person.

For the first met with Juliet in the feast of the Capulet, Romeo fell in love with Juliet even though he did not know anything about Juliet. His emotion clouds his logic. He neglected the danger and climb up the wall to found Juliet after the feast. And these young couple decided to get marry the next day.

They have just met not more than a night but they decided to marry just the day after. You can see how emotional they are.Romeo’s emotion clouds his logic while he knew that Tybalt killed his friend, his anger confused him and drove him to kill his kinsman(Juliet’s kinsman).

He never stopped and thought seriously the consequence after murdering. Romeo did not consider life is precious. His emotion clouds his logic. He chose to end his life while he knew he was banished by the Prince and could not stay with his lover, Juliet again. Though Friar Laurence stopped him, he never learnt a lesson to clam down himself when facing any difficulties. While he knew that Juliet was dead, he killed himself without clarifying whether it is true or not.Besides Romeo, Juliet, was also an emotional person. Romeo and she were not mature enough to think about love and marriage.

They thought love was everything, without love, they ought to die. This thought led to Juliet to become emotional. Juliet was so immature that she had not control her love to Romeo even getting together in a just a night. She agreed to marry Romeo, which she did not think further about the feelings of their parents if they were married. This immature attitude showed that Juliet was also impetuous. Besides, after she knew she had to marry another guy, Paris.She pretended to die hoping to live with Romeo.

She did not think about the feelings of her parents and how danger it was to take the potion. Her emotion clouds her logic and this could not prevent the tragic result of the story. Not only this young couple were immature and emotion, even an adult, Friar Laurence was also emotional. He decided to marry Romeo and Juliet who met not more than a day. He was so silly that he did not think about how anger their parents might be if they knew that their children got married secretly.He did not consider that they were still young and immature to get married.

His impetuous led to the big mistake as he sending Friar John with the letter to Romeo instead of Balthasar and Romeo did not know the truth and killed himself. His emotion also led to the death of Juliet as he left Juliet alone in the tomb without thinking that she might kill herself. Another emotional character of this story was Lord Capulet as he saw Juliet was grieving for her murdered cousin, he suddenly blast up his thoughts to marry his daughter to Paris without identifying the reason for Juliet’s crying.Not knowing the actual feelings of Juliet, his blind obedience thought led to the death of Juliet.

Romeo, Juliet, Friar Laurence and Lord Capulet all acted hastily leading the story to become tragic. The fact is that emotion always clouds logic. If we thought carefully before we actor react, serious bad results may be prevented. However, in this story, characters were impetuous and these led the tragic ending of a love story.