Why Should We Protect Intellectual Property Essay

Why should we protect intellectual property? (By Igor Gorshkov, for Sr. Carlos Rivadulla Oliva – Intellectual property) I’d like to start my answer with a simple example, that comes to my mind: You know “Kalashnikov” automatic gun, right. On of the most popular automatic guns in the whole world, that combines in itself simplicity, reliability and at the same time effectiveness. It was invented in the USSR in 1947 by a very smart Russian scientist Michal Kalashnikov.

How ever, not many people outside Russia know, that his idea of that automatic gun was taken by government.And even though the whole world now and then uses it in the military purposes, the inventor himself didn’t get no money for his idea of a brand new automatic gun, because at that time in the USSR people didn’t know what intellectual property is, moreover they didn’t really work in order to get rich, but work for the idea, the idea of strong and powerful nation, and the only one, who benefited from this situation was government. Even though this situation is typical only for the USSR, it can still show the whole idea of stealing intellectual property.

And from my point of you a smart man, I mean the one who is smart not in the economic way, but the one who is smart in chemistry or physics, or any other science, must benefit from his brains not less, than the guy, who’ve established the production, or a businessman who’ve opened a retail shop to sell a brand new production. And that is why, I think, that protection of intellectual property is essential. Intellectual property protection encourages young scientists in lots of ways. First of all, it involves lots of new people in science, becoming as much profitable industry as any other business.Because now they mustn’t worry if their idea is stolen, since it’s protected by government and they can easily condemn the violator in any court. All that leads to increased innovation and development of brand new products. A patent becomes a juristically certified property, that like any other property can be easily mortgaged or sold, depending on it’s value (whether it’s a patent of a can-opener or a brand new car-engine).

But at the same time the limit of duration is essential, in order to encourage further innovation.Inventor can get all the money he can for the first 20 years of usage of his patent, however there can be billions of other ideas of how to apply his patented invention. And after it is open for public, it can easily be applied in any sphere. This situation encourages both scientists (since they get proper reward for their inventions) and innovation itself (because, once patent is opened for public, it can be used in any scientific projects, contributing to the whole science development and innovation).It must be specially noted, that it is not only scientific inventions, that must be protected, but also works of art, literature, music and so on.

Because the creation of an artwork is a very serious and difficult process and it requires not only dedication of all of your time, it also demands creativity and a unique approach to a certain issue, so as to draw people’s attention to it. And from my point of view all the works of arts must be protected even much more, than science discoveries. Because music or works of art inspire people, but they don’t slow down the process of creation, like patented scientific discovery can do.And the idea of a full-time protection of somebody’s art during life and 70 years after – is, to my mind, the right thing to do. However, it becomes harder and harder to protect copyrights from year to year, with rapid development of the internet. Of course governments of different countries try to prohibit this, but this is a very hard thing to do, and I think that it’ll pass a lot of time, before people stop downloading illegal music or films from the internet. The last issue I’d like to come across is a trademark protection.A trademark itself is a specific sign or phrase, that diversifies a company and makes it recognizable.

So it must be protected with a great dedication. Because every respectful company tries to gain respect and recognition of its sign, and tries to make it trademark to correlate with quality or great attitude or even something else. How ever if everybody would use a trademark of a company, it won’t be able to gain respect and recognition, because some companies would want just to gain as much money as possible from well-publisized brand, without carrying about it’s further destiny.So I also consider, that renewable 10 years of a trademark registration is a very fair deal. Because, unlike scientific discoveries it can’t help the progression once it is expired, so it is renewable. On the other hand, unlike works of master piece, a trademark becomes useless, once a company, which operated with it is closed, so there is no need to keep it longer, and that’s why 10 years is a good enough time.

Summing up everything I’ve said, I’d like to stress, that I totally agree with the idea of intellectual roperty protection. Because to my mind any work of mind must be rewarded even much more, that the work of hands. However, I don’t really like the whole situation about illegal download of music and films from the internet, because by paying for a song or a movie, we contribute to further creation of the music we like and the films, we want to watch. So I’ll hope that it (illegal downloads) will be prohibited (somehow) as fast as possible.