Why Study History? Essay

History. It evidently did non go on overnight. but why survey something that happened so long ago? With all of the rapid technological growing across the Earth. what is the point of larning about what was? It is non like the yesteryear can be rewritten. so why ponder what was when you could encompass what has yet to be? Peter N. Stearns one time wrote. “History should be studied because it is indispensable to persons and to society. and because it harbors beauty. ” With this in head. it is of import to analyze history for a assortment of grounds such as the fact that history is all around us. we are a merchandise of it. and in order to understand how certain societies map. you must cognize the history behind them in the first topographic point. History is in every nook and crevice you feast your eyes upon. See this paper? The ink? My last name? Basically. there’s no possible manner of get awaying it. In cognizing more about history. you tend to cognize a great trade more about your milieus every bit good.

History is incorporated in about everything such as scientific discipline. authorship. and etcetera. Without cognizing certain cardinal points about the yesteryear. you make happen the present ( or hereafter ) to be merely that much more confusing or difficult to take in. Although a great figure of people expect life to be handed to them on a Ag platter. life is non ever that manner. William H. McNeill stated. “Broadening our humanity and widening our esthesias by acknowledging sameness and difference throughout the recorded yesteryear is hence an of import ground for analyzing history…” Today’s society. and all future societies to come for that affair. is the creative activity of our past whether we like it or non. Deprived of the cognition of what was before us. we would non even cognize why we are who we are today or how we came to be.

Every individual across the face of this Earth has been molded into what they are today by the yesteryear. Have you of all time wondered sometime about why humanity is the manner it is. or why society works the manner it does? In order to happen the reply. you must follow back the footmarks to nail the history of the society as a whole. In making so. you will develop a greater understanding about what occurred in the past as to grok how a specific piece changed everlastingly. Peter N. Stearns wrote. “ … [ history ] offers the lone extended evidentiary base for the contemplation and analysis of how societies map. and people need to hold some sense of how societies function merely to run their ain lives. ”

Although history does non needfully reiterate itself. per say. you can acquire a reasonably nice thought of what the hereafter has to offer. Therefore. you would cognize what to make if a similar state of affairs arises whether how good. bad. or indifferent. When you look into the past and contemplate why today’s society is how it is. merely retrieve that the universe merely an consequence of history. In order to follow how society maps as a whole. it is imperative that you know how it all started in the first topographic point.