Why Vendor portals: TERP’s individual portals for




TERP’s advanced property management solutions are ideal for property owners and agents looking for a centralized platform that automates complex tasks, organizes information and analyzes business growth.


With a plethora of features, TERP adapts to your business by paving a stronger foundation to offer a seamless working experience as you scale your business to greater heights.



·        Lease Management:

TERP enables you to effectively manage leasing operations by bringing Lease Contracts, Offers and master data which includes entities such as Tenants, Properties, Watchman, etc. on a single platform.

Owners and agents can view Contract Reports and execute the Contract Evacuation or Renewal Processes using the system.


·        Inventory Monitoring:

TERP offers an efficient inventory monitoring system that lets you manage your inventory in real time.

The application centralizes the inventory processes such as establishing stock levels, supervising stocks and monitoring stock IN/OUT movements to maintain the warehouse flow.


·        Financial Recording:

TERP simplifies an organization’s accounting management process by gathering relevant financial data to generate reports and statements.

With its integrated finance module, the system is designed to offer a broader perspective into the costs, expenses, payments, and receipts of the business.


·        Facility Management:

TERP streamlines maintenance activities such as Inspection, Servicing, and Repair with its built-in facility management module.

The system effectively handles service requests and material requests through proper allocation of service personnel.


·        Procurement Management:

TERP’s purchase department enables you to monitor store purchases by keeping track of all the items purchased along with the supplier details.

The system includes Purchase Invoices, Suppliers and Purchase Orders and Reports.


·        Report Generation:

TERP’s automated reporting tool is designed to generate key reports specific to Property Management. Detailed reports of properties available, Contract expiration and renewals can be generated for gaining comprehensive business insights.




·        Owner/ Vendor portals:

TERP’s individual portals for owners and vendors offers a real time

overview of the business data and analytics.

Handle multiple properties and clients with ease with TERP’s interactive dashboard that helps you look at the bigger picture in your business.



·        CRM:

TERP’s efficient CRM module brings you to the top of your customer service game.

It analyses data based on customer history to build better relationships and increase profits by retaining customers.