Why we shouldn t be someone we re not Essay

For that reason, we pretend to e someone “cool”, as people say, and try to change the person we really are j gust to be a part of a group where we wanton be accepted. This kind of situation is not a big problem here at Santa Susann High School. None of us judge one another, we just accept the way people are and respect them. This should don’t just be applied to a couple of locations, it should be applied everywhere and any. Where we are. Another reason why we should be who we really are is because your friends could think that you are a certain kind of person, but turn out to be someone they didn’t know bout.

This is what leads to losing friendships. What most people do is be a different person when they are at school and a whole other person when at home. For example, at school you talk with the friends you have, and have a good time together, during lunch and sometimes after school, but when you’re at home, you suddenly change your image and ways of acting. You don’t talk as much as you usually do at school and also the way you talk. Many of us do this because at school we can act the way we want to and are free of parent supervision, unlike when we are at ho e, where we have to speak in a different manner.

So if we show our friends and other people who we really are, we will be comfortable with ourselves, without having to be some other person when we are with a different group. We should all have one personality because it will define the person we really are and give everyone else a sense of the kind of person we are. My point is we should always be ourselves, and never be someone we’re not. Show people who you really are. Another way of saying this would be “Show your true colors”, because true colors are beautiful, just like a rainbow.