Why We Work Essay

Terrance Ellis Eng 101 TTH Ms. Tolley Rough write 1 “Why we work” by Andrew Curry was very informational and resourceful.

So it was not hard for me to agree with him about employees being stressed out and discontent with their jobs. Andrew gives multiple reasons to agree with him. Most of the reasons come from experience from my past and present jobs.

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Others reasons come from economy problems. I agree with Andrew because I to was stressed out and discontent at my past job Applebee’s. First the story itself was great. It informed me on how back in the 1900’s job lost was never a big problem.Andrew explained how the people who had jobs only wanted time off from work. Andrew then explains how the work industries have limited job openings and longer hours. This makes their current workers tired and frustrated.

He supports what he say’s by explaining how workers have longer hours, and why their stressed out. The first thing was employee’s being stressed out from jobs. More than ever, jobs want their employee’s to embrace their title at work or even home. To work at a well known place is yet a blessing and a curse. Because even off their clock, they want you to act like you’re at work on their clock.They fell you should carry yourself better for the company. Another reason employee’s are stressed out is because work load.

It seems like Employers do everything in their power to make you sweat for every cent you make, plus what you don’t make yet. For example working Applebee’s is no walk in the park. Being a host was more than just a name for the job, it was a title. A title that the host carried proudly! Well not the entire host staff carried the title proudly.

It was a stressful job; let me explain why it was stressful. A host must look out the window, and see the customer coming before they see them.Then they must beat the customer to the door and hold the door open for the customer. While they are holding the door for the customer with a fake smile they must grab the second door if there is one and say “welcome to Applebee’s”. After doing such a thing they must ask “where would you like to be seated today”. The host has a chart with all the tables and booth’s open and 90% of the time booths are not open. So they pray that one is not asked for.

After the host tell there will be a 10-15 minute hold, the host get the crazies face a person can give another.The customer then gets upset because no one got finished eating within the 10-15 quote. See people have forgotten what quote means and takes it upon their selves to get the manager. Then the manager later yells at the host because they had to give out free food. Now this happens every day as a host till you gets a bold customer and they call corporate and the host gets fired. The last thing agreeable is how employees are not content with their jobs. Jobs in general are offering little growth. Not only are employee’s not getting promoted but they’re not getting benefits any more also.

Employers are treating employees like animals and replaceable figures. Employees are worth something to an employer a dime and every 2 or 3 dozen. So employee’s have to settle for lower wages and long hours. Well others have given up respect for their selves and time from their own personal life.

And if they don’t like what they are getting they will be fired. For this example I used a source http://www. jobvent. com/applebees-job-reviews-C5728? PageNum=2. Many have put how they felt about their job at Applebee’s on this. A person from Corpus Christi, TX put this on the site 09/03/2009 “As for respect: seriously?It goes without saying that you get zero respect from the customers. But your co-workers and bosses are just as bad. There was no respect whatsoever for my school schedule, even though we had abundance of staff.

So I ended up dropping all of my classes, except for one class on Saturday mornings. There were 6 other hosts, and the only one in school, and despite daily discussions on this point, I was still the only one ever scheduled to open on Saturdays. And why? In the words of the manager I was the only one who would show up when scheduled.

This is something tons of employee’s have to deal with. A lot of people relate to this because they were this person. They had to choose their life or their job. While making this choose good workers are drained of their energy and willpower to even work the job. Some quit, while others try to tough it out because they have bills to pay. A college student gives up school for their jobs with nothing in return. Some try to deal with both school and work, failing classes and getting fired from the job and still suffering in their personal life.Because to an employer employee’s are worth a dime for every 2 or 3 dozen.

Why we work, I don’t know. There are many reasons why people work. One person may work for one reason and another person for another. If one were to ask someone why they work, their first answer might be, “to earn money. ” While this may be true for many people, there are some rich people who also work very hard and they surely do not need the money.

They must work for other reasons. Although people work for many reasons as employees we all have something we want from an employer.Another source I used http://theloyaltyleader.

blogspot. com/2005/09/what-do-people-really-want-from-their. html says that the last three things a manager felt to be important to an employee is the top three. They are 1. Full appreciation of work done 2.

Feeling of being in on things 3. Help with personal problems. Debra J.

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