Wicker is one of the

Wicker is one of the types of furniture that is easy to handle. In Asian countries, wicker furniture is cheap, but in the West, people who own wicker chairs are considered well off. This is because wicker grows best in tropical environments.However, just because wicker is easy to handle, it doesn’t mean it should be taken for granted. What’s more, if you have an antique wicker chair, you should take extra care of it. Wicker is a very durable type of wood, so the best you can do to return the quality it gives you is to maintain it well.1) Do not expose your antique wicker chair to extreme environments. Too much sunlight could cause its fibers to decay and become very brittle. Too much moisture could also cause its shape to warp. In short, you should keep your antique wicker chair under normal room temperature.2) Get rid of mildew or mold by immediately applying a bleaching solution to the stained area. Before you do so, however, you should thoroughly clean the area with a vacuum or a soft-bristled brush to keep the dirt from caking when you finally apply the solution. After which, be sure to rinse the area and then dry very well. You must not use your antique wicker chair until it is totally dry; this usually takes around two to three days.3) Spill on your antique wicker chair should be wiped with a clean cloth that has been dampened with mild detergent. If your wicker chair is made of reed, you can spare yourself the hassle and bring it outside for a good hosing.¬†Just make sure you dry it completely after to prevent the moisture from seeping in. In the case of paper fiber rush wicker, it should not be exposed to anything wet. Spraying or soaking could only ruin it.In conclusion, while most wicker chairs are clean-up friendly, you should not assume that all types of wicker suit every cleaning method. Find out first what your antique wicker chair is made of before you make any moves.¬†