Wild Geese Essay

Oppression is the act of treating someone cruelly and unfairly or controlling them in such ways.

Peoples reaction towards oppression says a lot about them. Some might react to it with anger; others might react to it with silence and this shows their feelings towards being oppressed. Oppression can cause many problems for the one being oppressed or the one oppressing. Oppression is being treated cruelly or unfairly and people react to this in a variety of ways, but this does not mean that it’s ok to oppress someone.

In the novel “Wild Geese” by Martha Ostenso many characters such as Judith and Amelia are treated with oppression by Caleb who is Amelia’s husband and Judith’s father. Caleb is a rude, unmannered man who gets what he wants his way with mainly blackmail. Caleb tortures his daughter after finding out about her having an affair, he also treats Amelia cruelly because of her past mistakes, and blackmails her into doing what he wants. Caleb then realizes that he has lost his family, the one he tried so hard to keep under control.Amelia tries to coop with Caleb’s attitude but Judith’s reaction to oppression is slightly scary. This novel fits into the question because the characters in the novel must live with oppression and the way they deal with it is quite astonishing.

When being oppressed for a long period of time, their reaction can become greater and can increase as they feel like they are not allowed to be themselves or not treated equally. Anger can bring out the worst in people, and sometimes you could be left speechless at the things one does when in anger.Sometimes ones anger just keeps on building up inside that one day they can’t handle it anymore and they do the unexpected. In the novel “Wild Geese” Caleb finds out about his daughter Judith having an affair with a man and punishes her by being extremely strict on her leaving the house. This goes on for a long period of time and soon enough this anger that is being built up inside Judith is going to get released. Another factor that lead to Judith taking out her anger was the fact that now she wasn’t able to see Sven and the plan of them running away together wouldn’t work out.After holding in all this anger, Judith finally releases it and shows how she reacts to oppression. The way she reacted which was almost killing Caleb, shows that after being oppressed for a period of time the feelings and emotions finally come out and it could be scary.

People react to oppression in a variety of ways such as anger, sadness, or silence. Oppression can lead to different things as well such as hatred or grudges. Forgiveness is a key factor to a healthy relationship. There are many people who tend to oppress another because of their past mistakes, and this could lead to many more problems.A lot of times people feel as if they deserve to be oppressed because of what they have done in the past, but that’s not true. In the novel “Wild Geese” Amelia, wife of Caleb, has a son with another man before thet both got married. Caleb constantly reminded her of what she did, and how its unacceptable. The way Amelia reacts to oppression is through silence.

Because she knows what she did was wrong, she feels as if she deserves this oppression and takes it silently. Caleb ends up taking advantage of her silence and her tolerance and blackmails her into doing things she would rather not do.Caleb oppresses her to a point where she rebels and doesn’t listen to his orders anymore. Her first reaction to oppression was silence and later on she reacted by rebelling. We are all humans, and we all tend to make mistakes along our way but some people cannot tolerate others mistakes and they can go to extreme levels to make sure he/she gets punished for their mistakes.

When one oppresses another they feel as if they are in control, because the other person could be afraid of them, and afraid of what they might do which so their fear is what leads to them obeying or listening to what they are suppose to do.This is mainly true because when oppressing someone they do obey you, but this doesn’t always go on for a long period of time. When the one being oppressed has had enough this could result in the person oppressing getting harmed, or taken over. Judiths reaction to being oppressed by Caleb lead her to almost murdering him. When one has enough, all their anger and feelings build up inside and eventually they come out and this could lead to things that could be even worse. Because of Judith being oppressed for a long period of time, Caleb almost got harmed.Amelia rebelled and did not listen to Calebs orders and let Judith run off with Sven which shows that after being oppressed, Amelia finally had enough and decided to not listen to him even after knowing the consequences.

The way Caleb died showed that everything he worked hard for turned against him including his family. He died on his own farm around his own crops after feeling like he lost control of his family. Caleb oppressed his family which is why they felt hatred towards him.

He never had a family to begin with, just people who were scared of him.The person oppressing another may not realize it, but at the end it harms them. Oppression can lead to many different situations. No matter what the situation is, it’s not good.

The way people react to oppression is what build up and end into something worse. Oppressing someone harms the other person and in the end it also harms the one oppressing. Torture is a way of oppressing one person. Once a person is tortured to an extent they aren’t able to handle it anymore and it could turn into something much bigger.Oppressing someone because of their past mistakes isn’t fair treatment because people should be able to forgive and forget. Oppressing someone for something they did in the past just keeps on reminding them and makes them feel guilty and in the end they might feel like they deserve to be oppressed. In the end oppression isn’t the solution to much.

Treating someone cruelly or unfairly not only harms the one being oppressed but in the end it also harms the one treating others they way they shouldn’t.People like to feel superior over another, its mainly just natural but that doesn’t mean you can treat others the way you wouldn’t like to be treated just to have that feeling of being in control. Oppression is hurtful and cruel and shouldn’t be used as a way to feel greater then another. It also shouldn’t be a way to get what you want. People who are being oppressed have different ways to dealing with it and reacting to it and that should be taken into consideration. A lot of people get angry and once that anger is released it could be taken to great lengths. Oppression isn’t a way of getting what one wants, and it shouldn’t be used.