Willie Lynch Letters Essay

Willie Lynch Letters: The Making of a Slave It’s amazing the words that Willie Lynch spoke about 300 years ago are still relevant today. In his speech he emphasized taking the differences between slaves and exploiting them. He used fear, distrust, and envy for control purposes. The slave owners knew the potential the slaves had however they possessed the missing ingredient which was mind control. If you can controls a slave mind by making them hate each other instead of loving each other you have won the battle.

Light skinned slaves where put against dark skinned slaves, males where put against females. All while distracting them from what really mattered which is black unity. The slaves hated each but love master because he took care of them and provided them what they need to survive. Likewise the same dilemma can be seen in this present day and age. We today are as divided are as a race. We have bought in so much to the white man says is good that we don’t even love ourselves. With a generation full of vanity slaves how can we truly expect to progress?

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From the disrespect of our women to the stereotypes of us as black males, we all are subject to being judged before we are even seen. With police brutality so high and innocent young males killing each other everyday it is imperative that we come together soon. So you ask whats holding us back as people? The fact that we hate ourselves and love their wealth. Until we love ourselves for who we really are and realize that black is beautiful we wont see any progress. In Egypt we were kings and queens its time for us to get back to that.