Wind Energy Essay

There is definitely a need for renewable energy because we currently use mostly fossil fuels to produce our electric. Currently about 90% of electricity comes from fossil fuel power plants, coal, nuclear, and natural gas which leaves 10% of power coming from other sources (“Were Our Energy Comes From”, 2012). Fossil fuels create air pollution that contains greenhouse gases which cause a variety of environmental issues. Wind farms are a group of wind turbines that are all connected to a grid.

Wind turbines work by wind blowing across the blades creating lift and drag similar to an airplane. The lift propels the blade around spinning a connecting rod that spins a generator creating an electrical charge that sent out to costumers or stored in batteries for later use. There are many advantages of wind energy including, Wind energy is a green energy source, wind energy does not pollute the environment like fossil fuels, coal, natural gas and nuclear energy does.

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Generating electricity with wind energy does not involve any emissions of greenhouse gases. Wind energy is a renewable source of energy. Wind is naturally occurring and there is no way we can empty the resources, this is not the case for fossil fuels, which we heavily rely on today. Although some places are better suited, harnessing wind energy can be done almost everywhere. About the only restriction is if it can be made financially viable, the utility company can make a profit, offshore wind turbines expand exploitable resources even further.

The price of wind energy continues to drop, and with advances in technology and equipment continue to push the price down. Additionally People can generate their own electricity with wind power in much the same manner as people do with solar panels. Some companies specialize in residential installations and there are also several DIY wind power kits on the market (Maehlum 2012). There are several disadvantages of wind energy as well wind energy is unpredictable and the availability of wind fluctuates, which makes wind unsuitable for the primary power source for a municipality.

If wind is the primary source of energy then it has to be paired with a different source, such as solar or fossil fuels. While cost is an n advantage it is also a disadvantage, the cost of creating a wind farm relies greatly on incentives and grants to have a chance to compete against an already established network. Another disadvantage is aesthetics; the solution to this is to place farms were the population in low or offshore. One of the big disadvantages of wind turbines is bird fatalities, from striking the rotor blades (Maehlum 2012).

I think that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages of wind energy; we will not be able to continue down the current road we are on with using fossil fuels as our primary energy source the production of greenhouse gases is destroying the planet, from holes in the ozone, climate change, and the polar ice caps melting. With the combination of all the different types of renewable energy we as a country can reduce the amount of fossil fuels that are need to be burned to produce energy.

I think that the prohibiting factor on renewable energy is the cost of the equipment (solar panels, wind turbines, etc. ) if the initial cost were reduced then more homes would be able to use more renewable energy sources. References How do Wind Turbines work. (2012). Retrieved from http://www1. eere. energy. gov/wind/wind_how. html Maehlum, M. (2012). Wind energy pros and cons. Retrieved from http://energyinformative. org/wind-energy-pros-and-cons/ Were our energy comes from. (2012). Retrieved from http://www. consumerenergyreport. com/research/where-our-electricity-comes-from/