Wind Power: A Research Prospectus Essay

Wind Power: A Research Prospectus            Renewable sources of energy has been part of human technology for some time.

But in the advent of global environmental issues such as global warming, climate change and air pollution, scientists and environmental advocates have found a greater motivation to use alternative sources of energy and lessen the dependence on fossil fuels. Moreover, the increasing prices of petroleum products greatly affect modern economies, and world leaders are being urged to meet the ends between sustainable development and the rapidly increasing energy demands.            At present, wind power is the most promising candidate among alternative energy sources, with its use growing at approximately 30 per cent per year worldwide (Renewables Global Status Report 2009). Wind power is harnessed through wind turbines connected to an electrical generator. The turbines convert the wind’s kinetic energy and converts it to mechanical energy, which is then converted to electrical energy by the generator. Unlike other energy plants which use steam or fuel, wind farms are largely dependent on wind speed for producing power, and so are ideal in windy places such as seas, shorelines, and plains.            The writer believes that nations should utilize wind power and use it as a major alternative to oil and fossil fuels.

The establishment of wind power plants is relatively inexpensive and wind energy, unlike oil, is readily available and inexhaustible. In an article at Huffington Post, the ongoing energy crisis does not threaten only our environment, but our national security as well, as former U.S. President Bush stated on a press conference about the energy crisis.            Writing a research paper on this topic requires considerable knowledge of alternative source of energy, and current issues on environmental and sustainable development.

Moreover, in order to ensure that the paper is current and up-to-date, the recency of sources must also be considered. Articles found in the library and educational institutions may be the  best place to begin the research, but will most likely inform the researcher only of the topic background. The internet provides a wealth of information on wind power as a sustainable energy source, but good judgment and scholarly discrimination is needed  since a majority of such information lacks credibility to satisfy current academic research standards.Works Cited“Renewables Global Status Report.” February 2009. World Wind Energy Association.

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