Winston predicted that Nazi Germany would take over

Winston Churchill would go on to do many things.  He would lead Britain to freedom over Germany in World War 2 and did it with nobody believing in him.  He created the first minimum wage system.  He served for the U.K. in World War 1.  He inspired and led Britain with great and really unbelievable leadership along with predicting Hitler’s dominance in the early 1930’s.  Winston Churchill was born on November 30, 1874, in England.  Churchill’s father was a famous politician and his mother was born into a rich family.  Growing up, Winston rarely saw his parents and therefore was not very close to them.  As a child, Winston was a very rebellious child and hated school.  In 1888 he was sent to boarding school where he developed a great love for the English language.  After spending five years at that boarding school in 1893 he applied for Royal Military College in Sandhurst, England.  Before fighting in any war Winston had to write about it.  He traveled to Cuba during the Cuban War of Independence and wrote about the conflict between the Spanish and the Americans for the ‘Daily Graphic’.  Then Churchill traveled to India where he worked as a soldier and a journalist writing about fighting in India.  He also fought in Pakistan, Egypt, and Sudan.In 1929 many years after fighting in the army, Germany was just starting to conceive and create their plans to kill all the Jews, invade all of Europe, and take over the world.  Nobody in the world saw this coming except for Churchill.  He predicted that Nazi Germany would take over and that people should watch out.  Nobody listened to him and we all know what happened.  Germany executed their plans and took over most of Europe. In April 1940, Germany invaded Norway.  At this time Britain’s Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain resigned.  Winston Churchill then became the new Prime Minister of Britain.  Everybody in Britain, including Churchill’s cabinet members, wanted him to sign a peace treaty with Hitler and Germany to stop the war.  They knew Britain was outnumbered and could not beat the Germans.  Churchill refused to sign a peace treaty and instead vowed to fight and beat the Nazi’s.  Winston used the power of his motivational speeches to motivate the British to fight back to keep the resistance alive.  His most famous in 1940, warned that the “Battle of Britain” was about to commence. Churchill was Prime Minister until 1955 when he started to experience health problems.  Because of these issues he reluctantly resigned.  Winston Churchill died on January 24, 1965, at the age of 90.  He died of a stroke in London.Britain, of course, beat the Nazi’s and with the help of other countries forced them to surrender.  I picked Winston Churchill because recently a movie called The Darkest Hour was released.  I saw it in theatre with my dad and grandpa, both who love history.  The movie was about Churchill stopping Germany.  It was a great movie that won many Golden Globe awards.  I thought it would be really cool writing about this because I knew everything about the main characters.  Winston Churchill was an amazing person who ultimately played a part in saving the world from the Nazis.