Wireless for PC Essay

1. Install the NIC and any associated drivers and client utilities. Check the documentation provided with your NIC card for instructions on installation and configuration.

On many PCs the NIC is already installed at time of purchase.2. Open the wireless client utility (usually by clicking Start, Programs, etc.) and configure the wireless client for use with the UNC Charlotte wireless network. This only needs to be done one time.3. Check the settings for campus wireless:Radio Network Name or SSID: uncc49er (all lowercase)Encryption: Disable WEP and additional NIC related encryptionsNetwork: Access Point (if available, not Ad-hoc or peer-to-peer)Wireless Login for PC:1. Start the wireless client.

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2. Ensure the “uncc49er” network is selected. The radio signal should be receiving and associated with the “uncc49er” network.3. Start Internet Explorer or Netscape web browser.Ensure “Use Proxy Server” is not selected.

The browser will be redirected to the UNC Charlotte Wireless Network Login screen if the wireless NIC is configured correctly.4. Enter your User Name and password (either Novell or 49er Express) in the appropriate fields. University guests should enter a valid email account in the field labeled Guest.5. Download Norton AntiVirus to your computer or check-out a copy from the Collections Desk on the 2nd floor of Atkins Library. Be sure to bring your Student ID. Get the latest information on virus protection.

6. Logoff to end your wireless session by clicking the “Click here to Logoff” icon in the Logoff popup window. This may have been minimized to the Task Bar.