Wireless Network Essay

Hello all, when it comes to designing a wireless network there are four steps to follow the first is the correct deployment scenario like Ad hoc or peer-to-peer, infrastructure, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint remote wireless bridge, Ethernet to wireless bridge, and wireless gate.

However, infrastructure is the most commonly used with an access point connected to a wired infrastructure. The second step is to select the IEEE wireless network type 802. 1a/b/g/n depending on what type of applications will be used and what speeds are needed to the size of the area to be covered you could also use a AP that can combine two or more of the 802. 11 types. The third step is to decide upon an access point manager in which you find the access point to manage your network by ether intelligent (fat access point) this has everything you need to handle wireless clients.

Then there is a thin access point, which pretty much a radio and antenna that is controlled by a switch and will save you time and money.Last and forth most is determining the location of the wireless devices, as there are many different object that hinder the signal of the access point with all mode from Ad hoc to the standard infrastructure. While they all can be affected, each has special consideration to their locations. I would plan to spend the time and money for my staff to understand the system since this could cause a problem with the IT staff being overwork and then themselves becoming over worked.