Wireless Technology Proposal Essay

The purpose of this proposal is to identify two wireless technologies, which would be as a marketing tool and beneficial to implement in the Party Plates organization in order to advance business objective. This proposal will also incorporate a rationalization for the conclusion to implement the aforementioned wireless technologies and identify the risks of using wireless technologies in the Party Plates work environment.

In today’s technological world, Party Plates needs to establish a competitive approach in the marketplace with an innovative approach to the technology trends that exist while utilizing marketing tools to advance sales, goals, and objectives. Party Plates has a proven financial sales track record that leverages the company’s strategic mission to provide integrated products based on consumer demands while broadening our business network with vendors that will allow adequate business transactions that enhance profitability.

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We want to create an environment where our sales and marketing team can interact with customers to collaborate, experiment, and set in motion actionable items to maximize local, area, and regional efforts to attain corporate goals. In order to accomplish the above objectives, we recommend implementing the two wireless technologies (iPads and iPhones), which will promote new ideas and will enable a strategic pursuit to achieve its financial goals. The iPad and iPhone devices will enable a new way of our daily business operation (the way we work, learn, and do business together).

The justification to deploy these two devices is because these devices are the most recognizable devices in the wireless technology and proven evidence not only in the consumer market but also in the workplace. These wireless devices have the ability to assist Party Plates sales and marketing team members to present outstanding PowerPoint presentations remotely to include conference calling. For examples, the advantages of these two devices include: ? Offer extensive applications ? Mobility to access e-mails, schedule calendar events, Internet access ? Manage financial data It’s also important to know that all access points are not safe.

It is important to monitor your access points. There are precautions Party Plates may implement when using public accesses: ? Avoid connecting to unknown public access point? Never use public “open” networks (no lock symbol as shown above) to access your banking, credit card or other sensitive sites. ? Always establish a VPN connection as soon as you connect to the Wi-Fi Network when connecting for company work (this help protect your computer by securing your data and enabling a firewall on your computer). Apple’s iPhone and iPad has gained a large share of the smart phone and computer tablet market.

Mitchell (2011) noted that competitors have released their own versions, and almost overnight, a new technological commodity has become a competing force in the business world. Apple has introduced many innovative features and has redefined the mobile-device and computer tablet landscape forcing the competition to evolve and play catch-up in many cases (DesRosiers, 2010). The iPhone has a large internal memory, has many key features that cannot be found on other devices, and the operating system, Safari, is one of the best on the market. Face Time allows videoconferencing to conduct business deals while traveling or away from the office.

The touch keyboard can make typing easier without buttons. Letters, reports, flyers, invitations can be created and customized on both devices with many applications to choose from. The battery life is about eight hours of usage time, which might require carrying an extra battery. (DesRosiers, 2010). Technology of the iPad computer tablet is a useful tool that performs the same functions as an iPhone, laptop or desktop computer. An exceptional about this device is the built-in tools and the service available in this device makes it incomparable to other devices. For examples, the features that available are: communication, note taking, reading, browsing, writing, seeing, essential tools, doing, learning, and portability. With these capabilities enhance users


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