With Interdisciplinary approach is, given the multiple disciplinary

With that in mind, the next question of knowledge one might want to ask
themselves is to what extent is an interdisciplinary relationship between two
subjects beneficial? The most common source of confusion in
Interdisciplinary approach is, given the multiple disciplinary perspectives, an
effective method to resolve the conflicts and achieve coherence is lacking.
While the Interdisciplinary approach involves confusion and difficulty ,
cultivating interdisciplinarity is possible and essential to production of
knowledge. Because of these issues of synthesis, some interdisciplinarity areas
of knowledge become their own discipline such as neuroscience or biomedical
engineering. The interdisciplinary level of success can be measured by the
‘distance’ between the two disciplines. There are some subjects that are
closely correlated, such as psychology and history where the
interdisciplinarity is very simple as their approach to knowledge is almost the
same. However, if two disciplines who are further apart collaborate
successfully, their result will be much more meaningful. For example, in High-G
training where an astronaut is tested on the amount of levels of acceleration
he can withstand without losing consciousness. Psychologists and physicists
have to collaborate on these types of projects. The aim of their study is the
same as they both want to  see how much the astronaut can withstand before
their mind loses consciousness. However, they’re both responsible for different
areas of the method. The physicist has to make and control the machine that
controls the g-forces while the psychologist has to evaluate the astronauts
consciousness and mental stability during the test.

In what circumstances can interdisciplinary research even with confusion
be beneficial in any way? The interdisciplinary focus provides increased chances of making
discoveries since consolidated knowledge can lead to new insights. Sometimes
the traditional disciplines are unable or unwilling to address an important
issue or concern. For example, social science disciplines such
as anthropology and sociology paid little attention to the
social analysis of technology throughout most of the twentieth
century. There may also be new developments such as nanotechnology which
requires combining the approaches of two or more disciplines. Furthermore
sustainable development requires analysis across economic, social and
environmental spheres, as well as a great knowledge about geography. As we
begin to face more difficult changes in the world such as global warming, wild
spreads of untreatable diseases, or sustainable and ecofriendly development, in
order to broaden our scopes on those issues and speed up the process of
production of knowledge and therefore finding a realizing a solution, instead
of focusing solely on their expertise, specialists in many different
disciplines will need to find a way to collaborate with the common aim of
resolving these upcoming  global issues.

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