With rights of those that are bound

With little to no socially redeeming value, pornography is considered as perhaps the fastest growing menace in society, threatening the very existence of family values and familial relationships as we know them. From the tabooed outskirts of our global society and culture, pornography has, in recent times, moved quite directly front and center, effectively becoming the primary sex educator for entire communities. Unfortunately, of mankind’s biggest technological advances, the Internet is largely responsible for this change. Child abuse and exploitation, pornography addiction, sexual assaults, and other sexually driven crimes are just some of the consequences of the continued spread and prevalence of pornography. Pornography and Society A basic human instinct and need, sexual intercourse is the very act which sets the course for societal generations. It is an act that is legalized and protected by the contract of marriage, set in place not only to protect the interests of those bound through it, but also for safeguarding the interests of the children who are born from these protected relations. Pornography is a practice which violates not just the rights of those that are bound together, but also destabilizes the foundations of a progressive society. This is due to the fact that there is little to no regulation for the consumption of pornography. While there are federal laws in place which legally regulate pornography, there is negligible enforcement of the laws, especially on the Internet. Most people, however, continue to argue that the consumption of pornography is a private choice with no public influences whatsoever. Unfortunately, the effects of pornography are calamitous at every level and aspect of a societal spectrum. Pornography displays a much distorted and very visual representation of what sexual behavior and sexual relationships should be like. The pornography saturated media influences one’s concept and individual opinion about sexuality and all things pertaining to sexual dependence and independence. Confusions about sexuality, sexual beliefs, and morality are all caused by pornography. An individual, who becomes addicted to pornography, eventually has the addiction escalate to a point where it influences their personal relationships. Ultimately it causes behavioral changes such as exhibitionism, voyeurism, compulsive promiscuity, and sexual aggression leading to sexual crimes.Pornography’s Effect:On Family Values and Familial Relationships Pornography can have a very significant negative impact on marital relationships. It can lead to greater dissatisfaction on both parts – man and wife. There is decreased emotional attachment, increased stress and conflicts, and a considerable lack of intimacy, all of which leads directly to infidelity, ultimately resulting in the dissolution of the relationship altogether. A fractured, parental relationship then affects the children who may be exposed to the disjointed environment. On Individuals A known addiction, pornography is said to biologically alter an individual’s neurological state. It distorts one’s perception of a sexual relationship and sexual intercourse. Continued consumption desensitizes a person to the type of pornography they typically view, increasing their tolerance for more abnormal kinds of sexual behavior.Pornographic addicts tend to display sexual aggression, considering women and even children as instruments for sexual pleasure. It undermines an individual’s ability to form and maintain stronger emotional connections, leading to an uncaring behavior. Pornography addiction is one of the major causes of increased incidences of rape globally – because addicts are unable to distinguish between reality and their pathological sexual fantasies, unable to control either. On Children Pornography’s effect on children is two-fold, depending on the child’s exposure to it. If a child is accidentally exposed to pornographic content, it confuses and frightens them. This is mostly because children feel an autonomic physical arousal upon the exposure to pornographic content, confusing them into instinctively assuming that they like what they see, and hence leading them into actively seeking a similar situation.  On Adolescents Adolescents who have suffered through early exposure to pornography through a familial environment are especially traumatized by it. Teenagers who have continued access to pornography are not only more likely to display hyper-sexualized behavior, engaging in high-risk sexual relationships, but they are also increasingly uncertain about their sexual orientation, morals, and even sexual beliefs.Loneliness, shame, low self-esteem, increased likelihood of depression, STD’s, and teen pregnancy are just some of the consequences of teenagers’ continued exposure and consumption of pornographic content. Resources: https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/6e7a/e97e4d4015eb9e03d5ca0f243535feb6c7af.pdfhttps://www.movieguide.org/news-articles/the-effects-of-pornography-on-individuals-marriage-family-and-community.htmlhttps://www.acpeds.org/the-college-speaks/position-statements/the-impact-of-pornography-on-childrenhttps://www.lifesitenews.com/opinion/pornography-and-its-consequenceshttps://www.catholicnewsagency.com/resources/life-and-family/pornography/pornographys-effects-on-adults-and-children