With iconic character Darth Vader logo embedded

 With the emergence of fitness tracker and smartwatches, it was believed that sports watch would soon lose its existence as an essential accouterment to track and monitor fitness statistics. But this turned out to be completely wrong after the launch of Star Wars Sports Men’s Watch by the reputed watch brand AM:PM. Besides serving as a super useful device for telling time and performing other digital sports function, it has become a strong statement of style and fashion for the chaps. Fulfilled by Amazon, this watch is a must buy for all the sports enthusiasts who are also die-hard fans of epic space opera series Star Wars.

When asked upon the idea of incorporating Star Wars theme in the designs, the creator replied

It can be broadly considered as one of the most precious possession for any sportsperson because of its extraordinary features and remarkable performance. The dial is made of plastic, which is resistant to water up to 100m, and the strap is of length 8inches and is also made with high quality synthetic. The entire design is inspired by the Stars Wars Series which is quite evident from the fact that both the dial and the strap has Stars Wars logo and its iconic character Darth Vader logo embedded it respectively. The specialty of the watch is that one can get both analog and digital display at the same time.

The chief digital sports utilities that this AM:PM timepiece can provide to its user are stopwatch with split time and lap time, dual-time, black light illuminating the display in the dark, 12-24 hour format, 5 alarms set and ringtones, silver tone, white luminous hands, pacer, countdown timer and black push buttons. It would not be wrong to say that this timepiece houses all the functions that a smartwatch generally possesses.

Hence, this watch would be a great piece of investment by every sportsman or player. He would be getting all his fitness needs and purposes fulfilled by the watch on a very low budget, which also covers international warranty backed by its authorized manufacturer.