With network. I’m pursuing the ALM – Finance

With a vibrant financial services industry, Singapore has
done well as a regional hub, servicing large multinational companies from
neighboring emerging economies. Small and Medium-sized firms in the region,
however, are underserved and neglected by investment firms, funds, and banks.
There is also a shortage of local finance professionals in many of our
neighboring countries that can service these companies. Realizing that this was
an excellent opportunity for us to tap, a few friends and I decided to start a
corporate finance advisory firm five years ago. In the ensuing years, we have
expanded our operations to include offices in Malaysia and Thailand.

In the immediate term, I plan to continue with my advisory
work and obtaining new projects in these emerging markets. Furthermore, I
intend to establish offices in Indonesia and Vietnam shortly to widen the
firm’s scope and presence in the region. As the principal consultant, I aim to
develop and grow my company to become a leading consultancy firm in Asia in the
long term. To achieve these goals, I will need to acquire the best education
and leadership skills available to build a professional, ethical and
sustainable organization, and to expand my global business network.

I’m pursuing the ALM – Finance degree at Harvard Extension
School and the Emerging Leaders program to acquire the knowledge and skills to
operate successfully in these markets. The ALM – Finance degree will allow me
to gain a broader understanding of management and finance and sharpen my
analytical skills. It will also be the foundation on which I can develop my
abilities to anticipate and engineer solutions to address client needs.

From the Emerging Leaders program, I hope to gain the
ability to diagnose and analyze opportunities and obstacles in the emerging
markets and make strategic choices in the light of social ethics. I look
forward to learning leadership, communications, and negotiation skills that
will enable me to be an effective leader and businessman. Also, I hope to gain
a multi-cultural perspective towards emerging markets through interacting with
renowned Harvard faculty and participants of different backgrounds. With my
experience of advisory work in China and Thailand, I plan to share my knowledge
and insights on economic and political development in these emerging markets.
I’m also excited to discuss my experience in advising on Public-Private
Partnership projects in these markets with fellow program mates. Through the
mutual sharing of knowledge and experiences, I expect to obtain insights on how
to better navigate the business and political landscape of these countries.
These skills and knowledge will then allow me to assemble the frameworks and
toolkits to give the most relevant and insightful professional advice to

Beyond these benefits, I believe that taking part in the
program will be invaluable in strengthening my global business network. As part
of a community of like-minded participants with interests in the emerging
markets, I’m sure there will be many opportunities to consult and cooperate. In
this regard, I will look to establish a networking group where participants can
share business opportunities or brainstorm on solutions for obstacles faced in
the emerging markets.